Yawamica 110-Piece Eyelash Clusters for Natural, Wispy Eyelash Extensions



Get ready to take your eye look to the next level with the Yawamica 110-Piece Eyelash Clusters. This kit is perfect for easily creating a dramatic, wispy anime or D curl lash style right from your own home. With a variety of lengths ranging from 10mm to 16mm, you can customize your look by layering and combining these lightweight, lush cluster lashes.

Fluttery, Fanned-Out Lashes in Minutes

Lash extensions can take hours at the salon, not to mention cost a small fortune. Skip the time and expense without sacrificing a striking, voluminous lash look. These faux mink clusters are designed to fan out and create that flutter effect you know and love from lash extensions. With 110 pieces to work with, you can build your look from natural and subtle to bombshell glam.

Salon-Worthy Lashes Minus the Hassle

The clusters feature a thin, translucent band that allows you to separate and apply each lash rapidly. No need to isolate and place each lash strand individually. Just use tweezers to gently pull one lash away from the band and apply. With a flexion band that moves like natural lashes, these clusters capture light beautifully for an eye-catching effect.

Soft, Smooth Fibers Look and Feel Natural

Yawamica only uses premium quality faux mink with each lash cluster. This creates soft, silky lashes with a refined finish. No stiff plastic here! The fibers are also lightweight, making them comfortable for everyday wear. Your new lush lashes will feel like your own, only better.

DIY Application is Simple

Get salon-worthy lashes without leaving your home. Application is quick and easy:

  • Use tweezers to gently remove one lash cluster from the band
  • Apply lash adhesive along the base of the cluster
  • Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to get tacky
  • Apply on your natural lash line, 2-3 mm from your eyelid

Stagger and layer the clusters, using different lengths for a customizable lash look. The thin base and light fibers make them easy to apply, even for lash extension beginners.

Reusable Flair for All Occasions

Lash clusters can be worn multiple times with proper care. Use lash-safe cleanser and brush to keep your new lashes in top shape. With lengths ranging from 10 to 16mm, you can create different looks. Go from your everyday natural glam to special occasion bombshell. Enjoy lush volume for a fraction of the cost of lash extensions.

Yawamica’s Personal Lash Promise

Yawamica wants you to have the best DIY lash experience. We’re always here to answer any questions and help troubleshoot application. Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. Give your lashes the luxury treatment without the luxury price tag. Bring out your eyes’ natural beauty with this essential cluster lash kit!


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