Turn Up the Volume with Cluster Lash Extensions



Get ready to bat those lashes and turn heads with the luxurious Cluster Lash Extension Kit. This kit contains 240 featherlight eyelash clusters made with premium fibers to deliver seriously voluminous lashes.

The superfine 0.3mm bands ensure the clusters feel weightless and seamless on your eyes. Each lash is double-heated to hold a perfect curl that will last all day and night. With lengths ranging from 9 to 16mm, you can create any lush lash look you desire.

Application is a cinch with the included tweezers and lash glue. Just dip the clusters, wait 30 seconds for the glue to tack up, and press onto your natural lashes for instant extra volume. Enjoy lush lashes for any occasion that look and feel totally natural.

When it’s time to remove, an eye makeup remover easily dissolves the bond. With proper care, these reusable eyelashes can be worn again and again. Gift the gift of glamorous lashes with this customizable lash extension kit. Your eyes will thank you!


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