Triangle Velvet Powder Puffs for Flawless Foundation Application (14-Pack)



Discover the Secret to Flawless, Airbrushed Makeup with BS-MALL’s Triangle Velvet Powder Puffs (14-Pack)

Tired of your makeup looking cakey and uneven? It’s time to try BS-MALL’s innovative triangle powder puffs for a smooth, flawless finish.

These revolutionary puffs grip powder incredibly well thanks to their unique triangle and circle design. The velvety cotton construction picks up just the right amount of product, allowing you to apply foundation, powder and blush seamlessly.

Unlike traditional powder puffs, our triangular shape allows you to easily reach every contour of your face. Effortlessly blend powder along the nose, under eyes and around the mouth for full, even coverage. The slightly pointed tip lets you precisely apply color to smaller areas.

Don’t be fooled by the delicate feel – these puffs are made to last through countless washes. Simply rinse daily with mild soap and water and let air dry.

With 14 puffs included, you’ll always have a clean one on hand. Tuck the extras away in the convenient included plastic storage boxes. They make great travel companions too.

Achieve picture-perfect skin every time with BS-MALL’s triangle velvet powder puffs. The makeup artist’s secret to flawless application is finally here!


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