Travel in Style with the Cosywell Silicone and Plastic Cream Jar Set



Treat yourself to luxurious skincare on the go with the Cosywell Travel Containers Set. This 9-piece set includes everything you need to transport lotions, creams, cosmetics, and toiletries safely and in style.

The set includes 3 silicone 20ml cream jars, 3 plastic 20ml cream jars, 3 plastic 10ml cream boxes, a spatula, and a handy toiletry bag so you can organize all your beauty must-haves. The containers and jars feature leakproof lids and seals so you won’t have to worry about spills or messes while traveling. Their TSA-approved size makes them perfect for air travel carry-ons.

Luxurious Silicone Jars for Rich Creams

The 3 silicone jars add an elegant touch with their soft, flexible material and wide opening perfect for hand creams, face creams, lotions, and hair products like masks and treatments. The screw-on lid features an inner silicone seal that keeps contents secure. The 20ml capacity holds plenty of product for a weekend getaway or weeks-long vacation.

Practical Plastic Jars for Lighter Creams

The 3 plastic jars hold lighter creams and gels, like eye creams, facial serums, sunscreens, and daily moisturizers. Their hard polypropylene (PP) material makes them durable and lightweight. The screw top lid and inner seal prevent leaks. The clear material allows you to easily see contents. Carry these 20ml jars in your purse, gym bag, or set them out on your bathroom counter at home.

Convenient 10ml Cream Boxes

The 3 plastic 10ml cream boxes are perfect for samples, liquid foundations, primers, concealers, and any makeup product you want to take on the go. Their compact rectangular shape takes up less space than round jars. The screw-on lids keep contents secure. Take them along in your makeup bag or backpack for quick touch ups.

Spatula for Hygienic Application

Use the included spatula for clean, hygienic application of creams and cosmetics. It’s ideal for creams in jars where you don’t want to dip your fingers in repeatedly. Made of durable plastic, it’s lightweight yet sturdy.

Handy Toiletry Bag for Organization

The included toiletry bag helps you organize all the containers, lids, and spatula so they don’t get jumbled in your luggage. The water-resistant polyester material keeps the bag lightweight yet durable. The zipper closure and carrying handle make it easy to transport. Use it beyond just this container set to organize toiletries, makeup, gadgets, and more.

Travel in Comfort and Style

With the Cosywell Travel Containers Set, you don’t have to compromise your beauty routine when traveling or on the go. The leakproof jars and useful accessories help you look polished no matter where you are. Treat your skin to rich creams and pamper yourself with your favorite cosmetics without worrying about leaks, spills, or breakage. Simply pack the toiletry bag in your luggage or carry-on, and you’re ready for comfortable, luxurious travel.


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