Stop Nicks Fast with Woltra Relief



Tired of nicks and cuts from shaving ruining your day? Introducing the Clubman Woltra Nick Relief Styptic Pencil, the quick and easy way to stop nicks and cuts instantly. With just a few swipes, the Woltra styptic pencil will help clot and close small cuts from shaving, allowing you to go about your day nick-free.

The secret is in the formula. The Clubman Woltra Relief Styptic Pencil contains benzocaine, an anesthetic that instantly soothes and relieves pain and stinging from shaving cuts. Aluminum sulfate acts as an astringent, helping to close the cut by constricting the blood vessels. This fast-acting formula stops the bleeding quickly so you can finish your shave or grooming routine without frustration.

Applying is easy – just wet the tip of the pencil and glide it over your cut or nick in a circular motion. The pencil’s precise applicator lets you target small cuts with accuracy. Within seconds, you’ll notice the bleeding and pain subside as the nick seals up. The convenient 0.25 oz size means you can take this must-have shaving tool anywhere – pop one in your dopp kit, glove box, or medicine cabinet at home to always be prepared.

Stop cuts in their tracks

Don’t let an irritating shaving nick ruin your day. With the Clubman Woltra Relief Styptic Pencil in your grooming arsenal, you can quickly take care of cuts and stop bleeding with just a few swipes of the pencil.

Target small cuts precisely

The pencil tip applicator lets you precisely cover just the cut area without creating a mess. No more dripping liquid styptic everywhere trying to stop a nick!

Quickly stops bleeding

The fast-acting formula constricts blood vessels and provides instant pain relief within seconds of application to close the cut quickly.

Convenient size for on-the-go

The 0.25 oz size is perfect for keeping in your bag or cabinet at home to always have nick relief ready when you need it.

How to Use

Using the Clubman Woltra Relief Styptic Pencil to stop a shaving cut is quick and easy:

Step 1: When you notice a shaving cut, wet the tip of the pencil under running water to activate the ingredients.

Step 2: Glide the wet pencil tip over the cut or nick in a circular motion, covering the entire cut area.

Step 3: Continue gliding for several seconds. You should notice the bleeding slow within seconds as the cut closes up.

Step 4: Rinse the cut area with water once bleeding has fully stopped to remove any excess styptic.

Step 5: Voila! Your nick should be sealed up and ready for you to finish grooming.

The Clubman Woltra Relief Styptic Pencil is a shaving kit essential. Don’t let minor nicks derail your day – keep this simple yet effective nick fix handy. Pick up a 2-pack today and ensure you always have nick relief within reach!


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