Stickiest Lash Extension Glue for Lasting Cluster Lashes



Have you struggled to get false eyelashes or DIY lash extensions to stay in place? Search no more! Our Cluster Lash Glue is the ultimate adhesive to keep your lashes securely on for 48-72 hours. This long-lasting and waterproof eyelash glue will have your falsies sticking like superglue.

Keeps Lash Extensions in Place Without Fail

Tired of your fancy lash extensions constantly popping off and you having to re-glue clusters repeatedly? We feel you. Our innovative lash glue formula creates an incredibly strong bond between your natural lashes and any lash extensions or falsies. This transparent glue dries clear and is designed to hold on tightly for days without losing its tackiness or letting go.

You can head to the pool or beach without worrying about mishaps. No amount of splashing or humidity can make this waterproof glue budge. Now you can swim, exercise, cry, or just live your life without lash emergencies.

This glue also stands up to oily skin. Sebum production and oils won’t break down the hold. Even if you have naturally oily lids, this eyelash adhesive keeps a tenacious bond in place.

Doesn’t Damage Natural Lashes

While our eyelash glue has an iron grip, it won’t rip out or ruin your real lashes when removing lash extensions or falsies. The formula contains nourishing ingredients to condition your lashes while worn.

When you’re ready, the glue dissolves safely with oil-based makeup remover or a specialized lash glue remover. It won’t tug or leave any clumpy residue behind like cheap glues. Your lashes will remain healthy to reapply extensions or mascara again.

Easy, Mess-Free Application

Applying eyelash glue can be tedious and messy, but not with our precision wand! The applicator lets you grab the perfect amount of glue and coat lashes quickly.

The slim wand reaches every lash root easily for full coverage. It also lets you tack down falsies precisely along the lashline without getting glue everywhere. No more wasted globs of glue and stuck-together lashes!

Even lash extension beginners can master application with the foolproof wand. For pro results, apply the adhesive along the band of falsies or underside of extensions, wait 30 seconds until tacky, then press onto your lashes. Hold for 30 seconds more to set.

Image of Cluster Lash Glue product

Versatile for All Lash Types

Our incredible eyelash glue works wonders for:

  • Lash extensions – clusters, strips, individuals
  • Falsies – dramatic, natural, faux mink
  • DIY lash strips
  • Bottom lashes

Any lash types you wear, our adhesive will grab on and not let go. For bottom lashes, keep your eyes closed after applying until dry to avoid sticking the top and bottom lashes together.

The latex-free formula is also safe for those with latex allergies. We suggest patch testing the glue first if you have very sensitive skin. But it’s designed to work great for all eyes.

Sweet Customer Service

We know how disappointing it is when eyelash glues don’t live up to their claims. That’s why we stand behind our formula 100% and offer exceptional customer service.

If you ever have any issues with application or performance, reach out to us. We respond quickly to questions and concerns to make your lash experience a positive one. Our friendly team is happy to provide tips, tricks, or help troubleshoot any problems.

Experience the thrill of lashes that stay put and turn heads. Grab the lash glue that keeps extensions and falsies in place for days – no popping off allowed! It’s time to flaunt your fringe without worries. Click Add to Cart now to get the strongest eyelash adhesive and envy-worthy lashes.


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