Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Eau De Cologne Spray



Experience the refreshing and invigorating scent of Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Eau De Cologne. This classic cologne has been around since 1808 and is known for its crisp, clean citrus aroma. Formulated with fragrant essential oils including orange, lemon, lavender and clove, Florida Water is a unisex scent that is light and perfect for daytime wear.

A Historic Scent for Over 200 Years

Florida Water Cologne has a long and storied history. It was originally created in 1808 by Robert Murray and David Trumbull Lanman in New York. They devised a formula of citrus oils and other botanicals that became immensely popular. In the 19th century, Florida Water was used as a perfume and consumed as a tonic water. It was regarded for its refreshing properties and light, pleasant fragrance.

The Murray & Lanman company has continued to produce this classic cologne for over 200 years, with the same attention to quality and tradition. While the packaging has evolved over time, the original formula remains unchanged. Florida Water maintains its crisp, clean scent that so many have enjoyed through the generations.

Citrus Essential Oils Provide a Fresh, Bright Aroma

Florida Water Cologne contains a blend of essential oils that create its signature scent. Oils of lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit bring a bright, uplifting citrus aroma. Underneath, subtle notes of lavender and clove add depth and interest. The result is an invigorating fragrance that is fresh yet complex.

The citrus oils in Florida Water impart a clean, crisp scent that is perfect for warm weather and daytime use. Just a touch of lavender and spice makes it unique and prevents a one-dimensional citrus smell. This classic cologne works well for both men and women due to its well-balanced, gender-neutral aroma.

Wear it as a Cologne, Use it for Aromatherapy

Florida Water has many versatile uses beyond an everyday cologne. The essential oils in this formula make it an excellent aromatherapy agent. The refreshing citrus scent helps promote positivity and energy. Just a dab on the temples or wrists can provide an instant mood boost.

Many people enjoy using Florida Water as a relaxing bath addition. Pour some in your bath water and let the fragrant oils fill the room. It’s also great as a light body splash when you want a pick-me-up. The cooling mist helps to revive and reinvigorate skin on hot days.

Other Uses for This Cologne Spray

In addition to wear and aromatherapy, Florida Water has a variety of other handy uses:

  • Use as a natural air freshener – Spritz in rooms to impart a fresh citrus scent
  • Add to laundry – Provides light fragrance to clothes
  • Freshen linen closets – Spray on sheets and towels
  • Scent drawer sachets – Soak sachets in cologne to lightly scent clothing
  • Cleaning counters – Disinfects while leaving behind a fresh scent

How to Apply Florida Water Cologne

Florida Water Eau De Cologne is easy to apply for all-day freshness:

  1. Shake bottle well before each use.
  2. Spritz cologne onto major pulse points like the wrists, neck and chest.
  3. Use 2-4 sprays for light scenting. Use more sprays for extra fragrance.
  4. Allow cologne to dry fully before dressing.
  5. Reapply cologne 2-3 times throughout the day to refresh scent.

Tips for Wearing Florida Water

  • Apply to clean skin – Allows the scent to properly develop.
  • Use unscented lotions – Prevents competing with the cologne.
  • Spray on clothing – Adds extra longevity to the fragrance.
  • Carry travel size – For easy scent touch-ups when out.
  • Store properly – Keep in cool, dark place to maintain freshness.

Experience This Historic Scent Today

Treat yourself to the clean, crisp scent of Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Cologne. This classic fragrance has been around for generations, yet maintains a fresh, modern aroma. Uplifting citrus oils combine with lavender and spices for a universally-appealing scent. Florida Water can be worn as an everyday cologne or used around the home for aroma-therapeutic benefits. Refresh and revive your senses with this historic cologne.


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