Make Your Eyes Mesmerizing – Complete DIY Lash Extension Kit from ALASH



Are you tired of spending a fortune at the salon for lash extensions that don’t even last? Ready to save money and get luscious lashes you can apply yourself in just minutes? Then it’s time to try the ALASH DIY Lash Extension Kit! This all-in-one kit gives you everything you need for gorgeous lash extensions you apply in the comfort of your own home.

Fluttery, Feathery Lashes in an Instant

Our kit includes 144 wispy cluster lashes in 3 styles ranging from 8 to 16mm for length. That gives you endless options to create subtle everyday lashes or seriously dramatic glam lashes. Just use 4-5 clusters per eye for natural fullness. Or go bold with 8-10 clusters per eye for head-turning volume.

The matte black lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. And the fluffy fibers mimic real lash texture. Just brush on the bond, pop on a cluster, and you’ve got lush new lashes in seconds!

Salon Quality & Reusable for Major Savings

Why pay $100+ every few weeks for lash extensions at the salon when you can get the same look yourself for a fraction of the cost? Our premium mink-style fiber clusters give you the same salon quality for DIY application.

And they’re reusable up to 5 times if you remove and care for them properly. So you save big money with each application. Never waste money at the salon again!

Everything You Need for Perfect Application

Applying strip lashes or individuals can be tricky. But our application tools make putting on clusters fast and easy for beginners.

The rose gold applicator tweezers have a sleek ergonomic design that lets you grip clusters without fumbling. The precision tips grab even tiny clusters with total control for easy, accurate placement.

Just use the custom lash bond & seal formula to coat your natural lash line. Then clamp a cluster right onto the glue with the applicator tweezers. The bond dries quickly to hold clusters in place comfortably all day or night. No messy glue tubes needed!

Flawless Results & Comfortable Wear

Salon lash extensions use harsh glues that damage your natural lashes. But our hypoallergenic bond & seal keeps clusters secure while nurturing your lashes. So you avoid irritation and lash loss.

The super soft fiber lashes are flexible and lightweight. You won’t even feel them on yet they look amazing! No poking or uncomfortable tightness. Just flawless lashes that turn heads and stand up to busy days.

DIY Lash Magic for All Events

Take your looks from casual cute to dramatic glam with our customizable cluster lashes!

For understated everyday wear, just use a few clusters towards the outer corners. Subtle enhancement makes your eyes pop beautifully.

Amp it up with more clusters for flirty flutter on a date night. Or go all out bombshell for weddings, parties, and nights out. However you wear them, these lashes make your eyes mesmerizing!

Experience the ALASH Difference

We’re passionate about bringing salon quality to DIY beauty so you look amazing every day. Our lashes are made from only premium materials for eye-catching beauty that outperforms cheap strips.

We back all products with a satisfaction guarantee and friendly California-based customer service. Questions or concerns? Just contact us for immediate assistance.

Give yourself glamorous lashes in minutes without the hassle or expense of salon trips. Get the ALASH Lash Extension Kit now and enjoy head-turning lashes all month long!


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