Luxuriously Lengthen, Define & Volumize Lashes with CHEFBEE’s 100-Pack Disposable Mascara Wands



Tired of clumpy, spider leg lashes? Want to achieve sky-high, fanned out lashes that hold a curl all day long? Look no further than CHEFBEE’s 100-pack of premium disposable mascara wands. These pro-grade brushes are specially designed with densely packed, flexible bristles to separate, define, and amplify limp lashes.

Experience salon-worthy lashes in just minutes with these innovative mascara wands. The soft, synthetic bristles expertly comb through lashes, depositing product evenly from root to tip. No more clumps or globs! The slender brush head allows you to reach even the tiniest corner and bottom lashes. Customize your lash look by twisting the wand as you apply for perfect control over volume and length.

What Makes CHEFBEE’s Disposable Mascara Wands Stand Out:

Lengthening Bristles

The bristles are cut longer to grab every tiny lash and extend it to new lengths. Stretch out short, stubby lashes for a wide eyed look.

Volumizing Shape

The contoured brush head hugs your lash line, pushing lashes up and out for mega volume. Say goodbye to flat, lackluster lashes.

Defining Tip

The tapered brush tip lets you coat even the finest corner and bottom lashes for a panoramic lash line.

Flexible Wand

The wand bends to allow you to maneuver the brush at just the right angle for your eye shape. Customize your lash application.

Premium Synthetic Bristles

The bristles are made from soft yet firm synthetic fibers that grab every lash without being scratchy or poke-y.


Toss after each use to prevent icky buildup and contamination for cleaner application.


The sleek portable container slips into even the smallest purse or makeup bag. Take your mascara wands on the go!

Ditch Clumpy, Gloppy Lashes Forever!

Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to sanitize old mascara wands covered in thick, flaky product. CHEFBEE’s mascara wands come ready to use straight from the package. Simply dip into your favorite mascara and apply. The bristles evenly distribute formula from base to tip for clump and smudge-free definition that lasts.

Maximize Your High-End Mascara

Using fresh disposable wands prevent your expensive mascara from getting contaminated with oils, makeup, and dirt. Preserve your favorite luxury mascara formulas like the day you bought them!

Lash Extensions Have Never Been Easier

Professional lash extension artists will love having a stockpile of perfect mascara wands on hand for fast and flawless application. Customize fans for each client without fumbling for tools.

Salon Series for Lasting Results

With the salon-grade bristle shape and density, you’ll achieve lasting lift, length, definition and volume that rivals lash extensions…without the hassle or expense!

Essential Kit for Makeup Artists

Never be caught mid-application without the perfect mascara wand again. Makeup artists will love keeping CHEFBEE’s mascara wands stocked in their pro kits.

Get Professional Results at Home

No need to book expensive salon appointments to get full, feathery lashes. CHEFBEE’s mascara wands allow you to sculpt salon-worthy lashes from the comfort of home.

100 Wands for Endless Lash Looks

With 100 wands per pack, you’ll never run out! Change up your lash look daily, or refresh wands between coats for buildable volume.

Experience the beauty of extended, enhanced lashes with CHEFBEE’s innovative mascara wands. The dense, flexible bristles expertly separate and define each lash for clump-free length and volume. Toss after each use to maintain precision application and fresh results. Never settle for lackluster lashes again – order your pack today!


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