Luxuriously Lavish Lashes in Minutes with the DIY Eyelash Extension Kit



Tired of spending hours and hundreds of dollars at the salon for lash extensions that don’t even last? Now you can achieve the same glamorous, eye-opening results in the comfort of your own home with the DIY Eyelash Extension Kit. This all-inclusive kit has everything you need to apply lush, dramatic lashes that rival professional extensions – at just a fraction of the cost and time.

144 Ultra-Fine Lash Clusters for Customizable, Salon-Worthy Results

At the heart of this kit are 144 ultra-fine knotless fiber lash clusters made with premium synthetic fibers for unparalleled softness and flexibility. Each cluster has between 3-6 natural-looking lashes pre-bundled together, making application quick and easy. With multiple lengths and curls to choose from, you can create any look you desire – from barely-there and natural to full and fabulous. Customize each eye by mixing and matching different cluster lengths and curls. Most customers need just 5 clusters per eye for a gorgeous, eye-opening effect.

Innovative Flat-Back Design for Comfortable, Long-Lasting Wear

Unlike messy individual lashes, these revolutionary clusters have an invisible flat backing that applies straight to your natural lash line with no poking or protruding. The unique flat-back design provides a smooth, seamless bond between your lashes and the clusters for comfortable, irritation-free wear. The ultra-fine lash fibers are also treated to form a durable bond with the glue, keeping your lush lashes in place for over a week of extended wear.

Salon-Grade Hypoallergenic Lash Bond and Sealant for Secure Hold

Achieving flawless, long-lasting cluster lash extensions requires an equally flawless adhesive. That’s why our kit includes a salon-grade hypoallergenic lash bond glue and sealant for optimum hold throughout wear. The latex-free formula provides a flexible grip that moves with your natural lashes, with none of the burning, stinging or irritation caused by low-quality glues. Once cured, the clear sealant layer reinforces the bond for over a week of secure wear.

Precise Lash Applicator for Stress-Free, Mess-Free Application

With the custom lash applicator included, even lash extension newbies can pick up clusters and apply them with expert precision. The applicator features a soft silicone tip that gently grasps lashes for accurate, stress-free placement right along the lash line. No more messy glue fingerprints or stuck-together clusters. The opposite pointed tip allows you to separate and perfect the placement of each individual lash fiber for a flawless finish.

How to Apply Your DIY Lash Clusters Like a Pro

Ready to unlock the secret to easy, gorgeous lash extensions at home? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Clean eyelids and lashes to remove oil, mascara and debris.
  2. Select desired cluster lengths and curls. Shorter clusters towards eyes corners, longer in the middle.
  3. Apply thin layer of lash bond along your natural lash line. Let dry slightly until tacky.
  4. Use applicator to pick up lash cluster and place as close to lash line as possible.
  5. Gently press and hold cluster for 30 seconds until bonded. Repeat across lash line.
  6. Apply sealant over extensions and let fully dry before opening eyes.
  7. Finish with mascara for a perfect blend with your natural lashes.

With a few simple steps, you’ll have gorgeous, eye-catching lashes ready for all your glam occasions – girls night out, vacations, weddings, and beyond. No need to ever pay a fortune at the salon again!

Reusable, Removable Lashes Give You Total Versatility

The best part? These DIY lash clusters can be reused again and again with proper cleaning and care between applications. When you’re ready to change up your look, simply use eye makeup remover to dissolve the bond and gently slide off the clusters. Switch up the cluster lengths and patterns for a whole new style at your next application. At a fraction of the cost of disposable strip lashes or salon extensions, you can achieve endless looks with just one kit!

The Perfect Gift for Lash Lovers

Treat the beauty maven in your life to the gift of luxurious at-home lashes. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, bridesmaids, and any special occasion, this DIY lash extension kit brings salon-quality lashes home for total convenience. Now your glam girl can wake up camera-ready anytime. Gift the perfect pick-me-up for long days, girls night out, vacations and more!

Experience the Luxury of Lush Lashes for Less

Don’t shell out hundreds per fill for lash extensions that damage your natural lashes. With this all-inclusive DIY kit, you can achieve the same glamorous results for a fraction of the cost, time and hassle. Get ready to save both money and lashes while turning heads with your new eye-enhancing look. Ditch the salon and discover the ease of expert lash application anytime, right at home.


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