Liz Claiborne Claiborne Sport Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 oz



Experience the crisp, clean scent of Claiborne Sport Eau de Toilette for Men. This invigorating cologne opens with sparkling notes of lavender, bergamot, and lemon to uplift and energize.

Top Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon
Mid Notes: Geranium, Clary Sage, Coriander
Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Cedar

At the heart, geranium and clary sage add an aromatic herbal quality, while subtle spice from coriander chimes in. The base combines earthy notes like cedar and musk with a touch of warmth from amber. Together these notes create a masculine scent that’s perfect for active men.

An Invigorating Scent for an Active Lifestyle

Claiborne Sport evokes the feeling of an active, outdoor lifestyle. The crisp citrus top notes feel clean and refreshing, ideal for getting energized and ready for adventure. The aromatic mid notes have a slightly spicy edge, adding complexity to the scent. While outdoorsy base notes of cedar and musk lend an earthy, grounded character.

This versatile eau de toilette can transition seamlessly from outdoor adventures to daily life. Spritz it on before heading out for a hike, bike ride, or morning workout. The energizing aroma will help you feel focused and determined to take on any challenge. And the clean, refreshing scent lasts all day, so you’ll still smell great on your commute or at the office.

A Sophisticated Scent for the Modern Man

Claiborne Sport has a sophisticated personality that complements the modern, active man. The blend of citrus, herbs, spices, and woods creates an intriguing scent that’s never boring. It’s crisp and clean, yet has depth from the mid and base notes. This makes it perfect for men with an energetic lifestyle who also appreciate style and quality.

The sleek, modern bottle design also reflects the spirit of this cologne. The silver metal cap and crisp edges evoke a masculine, put-together aesthetic. It will look great on any dresser or countertop.

All Day Freshness You Can Depend On

When you need a scent you can rely on from an early workout to a night out, reach for Claiborne Sport. The eau de toilette concentration ensures this cologne lasts up to 8 hours on skin. Just a couple sprays in key pulse points like the neck and wrists provides all day freshness.

The crisp citrus and aromatic herbal notes also project nicely around you. People will notice the clean, inviting scent whenever you walk into a room. Yet it never becomes overpowering or cloying. Subtle woods and musk in the basenotes keep it well-balanced.

From a Trusted House of Fragrances

Liz Claiborne is a globally recognized designer brand that has been making quality fragrances for decades. They have a knack for creating scents that capture the lifestyle and spirit of the modern man or woman. When you choose a Liz Claiborne fragrance like Claiborne Sport, you can trust you’re getting an excellent, long-lasting cologne.

Versatile and Dependable

For men with an energetic, adventurous lifestyle, Claiborne Sport is a versatile scent you can rely on day in and day out:

  • Crisp, clean citrus top notes to start your day feeling refreshed and focused
  • Aromatic mid notes add complexity for hours of inviting aroma
  • Outdoorsy basenotes lend an earthy-sophistication
  • Perfect for outdoor activities, work, and beyond
  • Long-lasting eau de toilette formula
  • From trusted fragrance house Liz Claiborne

How to Use

Apply Claiborne Sport Eau de Toilette in the morning or before you start your day. Hold the bottle 3-6 inches from skin and spray 2-3 times on pulse points like the neck, wrists, and chest. You can reapply later in the day if you desire longevity. The crisp aroma energizes your mind and senses while the earthy basenotes lend sophistication.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We back Claiborne Sport Eau de Toilette Spray for Men with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with this invigorating cologne, simply return it for a full refund.

Try the crisp, clean scent of Claiborne Sport today and experience the perfect balance of energizing freshness and earthy sophistication.


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