LAUBESS 240pcs Curl D Mink Eyelash Extension Clusters



Get luxuriously long and full eyelash extensions with LAUBESS Curl D Mink Eyelash Extension Clusters! With 240 pieces included, our clusters give you ample opportunities to experiment with different lash looks for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Our eyelash clusters are made of premium quality fake mink fur that resembles natural eyelash texture and appearance. The super soft and lightweight fur hairs are gentle on your eyes for comfortable all day wear. The delicate tapered ends prevent poking and scratching.

The durable Korean adhesive used ensures strong hold so your eyelash extensions stay in place from morning to night without falling off. No need for touch ups! The specially designed flat and thin lash band is ultra comfortable and blends seamlessly with your natural lashes. It allows your eyes to breathe and doesn’t have any rigid plasticky feel.

Get perfect defined curl with the deep C curl of our clusters. Whether you prefer a subtle everyday look or want to go all out glam, these eyelash extensions give you the flexibility. Create any style you desire from wispy and natural to bold and dramatic. Customize the volume and length to your liking too!

Applying these false eyelash clusters is quick and easy with the included DIY kit. Just use the professional quality eyelash glue to attach clusters to your natural lashes. You can wear them on top of mascara as well. The eyelash applicator tweezers make application a breeze. Touch up with the lash sealer as needed for extra strong hold.

With proper aftercare, our reusable eyelash extension clusters can last up to 8 uses. Make sure to gently brush them daily and properly remove adhesive after each use. We recommend using lash cleanser and lash remover available in our store.

Get the salon style eyelash extensions you’ve always wanted in the comfort of your home with LAUBESS Curl D Mink Eyelash Extension Clusters. Define your eyes and transform your look with fuller, thicker lashes instantly. Whether you want to prep for a big event or just amp up your everyday makeup, these clusters are a must have.

Fade resistant and durable Korean adhesive

Ensures clusters stay securely attached all day without falling off
Creates seamless bond that blends with natural lashes
Premium quality fake mink fur

Super soft and lightweight for comfortable wear
Delicate tapered ends prevent poking and scratching eyes
Gives natural looking texture and volume
Deep C curl design

Creates perfect lifted curl that opens up eyes
Allows flexibility for both subtle everyday and bold glam looks
Flat and thin lash band

Ultra comfortable band doesn’t have rigid plastic feel
Allows eyes to breathe comfortably all day
Blends invisibly with your natural lashes
DIY application kit included

Professional grade eyelash glue for easy application
Applicator tweezers make putting on clusters quick and easy
Lash sealer available for extra strong hold
Reusable up to 8 times with proper care

Gently brush clusters daily to maintain shape
Use lash cleanser and remover to take off adhesive
Get the gorgeous eyelash extensions of your dreams at a fraction of salon prices with LAUBESS Curl D Mink Eyelash Extension Clusters! Define your eyes and take your look to the next level with instantly fuller and thicker lashes.


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