Keep Your Nail Polishes Organized and Within Reach with This Sleek Acrylic Nail Polish Display Rack



Tired of rummaging through drawers and boxes trying to find that perfect shade of nail polish? Say goodbye to polish clutter with the BTremary Clear Nail Polish Organizer Holder Rack Shelf. This acrylic organizer neatly displays up to 96 nail polish bottles so you can instantly see all your color options.

Sleek Acrylic Construction Shows Off Your Collection

Made from premium clear acrylic, this nail polish rack allows your beautiful bottles to take center stage. The sleek and modern design looks great on your vanity or dresser. Ditch those eyesore cardboard boxes and keep your nail polish collection sparkling in this transparent polish organizer.

6 Tiers Hold 96 Bottles of Nail Polish

With space for up to 96 bottles across 6 stepped shelves, this acrylic nail polish organizer has room for even the largest collection. Each shelf measures 12.2 inches wide by 1.7 inches deep by 1.1 inches high. The shelves are 1.45 inches wide on the inside to accommodate most standard nail polish bottle sizes.

Prevents Tip-Overs and Spills

Each tier of the acrylic nail polish organizer has a small railing to prevent bottles from accidentally falling over or rolling off. No more worrying about spilled polish ruining your furniture or flooring. The sturdy acrylic construction also prevents breakage.

Ideal for More Than Just Nail Polish

In addition to holding nail polishes, this clear acrylic organizer works great for other small bottles and containers. Use it to organize and display your:

  • Lipsticks
  • Lip glosses
  • Mascaras
  • Eyeliners
  • Foundation and concealers
  • Beauty blenders and brushes
  • Skin care serums and moisturizers
  • Hair products like hair spray and hair gel
  • Perfumes
  • Essential oils
  • Tattoo inks
  • Acrylic paints
  • Model paints

The possibilities are endless! Use one organizer for nail polish and another for your other beauty products.

Easy to Assemble and Install

Putting together this acrylic nail polish organizer is quick and simple. It comes with all the hardware and tools needed for assembly. Just screw in the shelves according to the included instructions. Once assembled, you can set the organizer on any desktop or flat surface. No need to mount it on the wall, unless you prefer it that way.

Keep Your Nail Polish Collection Organized and On Display

Don’t let another minute go by digging through a cluttered drawer for the perfect color. Organize your nail polish collection in style with the BTremary Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Organizer Rack. The transparent design shows off your polish while keeping bottles securely in place. With space for up to 96 polishes, it neatly stores even the biggest collection. Enjoy quick and easy access to all your favorite nail lacquers.

Order the BTremary Nail Polish Organizer today and say goodbye to polish clutter! Your nails will thank you.


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