Introducing the New and Improved Clean Skin Club Clean2 Pads 2.0 – The Ultimate Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Pads for Clean, Healthy Skin



Tired of using cotton rounds and pads that easily shred, leave behind lint, and just don’t get the job done? We hear you. That’s why we created the Clean2 Pads 2.0 – our innovative triple layer facial pads that are specially engineered not to shed, tear, or fall apart like traditional cotton rounds.

With their unique construction, these reusable cotton pads are ultra plush and soft yet also extremely durable. They’re designed to gently yet effectively remove all traces of makeup, dirt, oil and impurities without any irritation. Keep reading to learn why the Clean2 Pads 2.0 will be your new skincare essential.

The Most Effective Face Pads for Removing Makeup and Deep Cleansing

Built with an intelligent triple layer design, the Clean2 Pads have a smooth cotton side for gentle cleansing and an exfoliating textured side to lightly buff away dead skin cells. The middle ultra absorbent layer locks in makeup, oil and impurities for a deeper clean.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin but also powerful enough to remove waterproof makeup and deep clean pores, these reusable pads are ideal for:

Quick and easy makeup removal at the end of a long day
Deep cleansing to prep skin for serums and moisturizers
Exfoliating to reveal soft, glowing skin
Removing impurities after a workout or outdoor activities
Freshening up on the go
Say Goodbye to Shedding, Tearing and Falling Apart!

The innovative Clean2 material is specially engineered not to shed or fall apart like traditional cotton rounds, even after multiple uses. The triple layers are tightly woven together to create a super durable yet cushy pad.

No more wasting product on loose cotton fibers or having to use multiple pads just to remove your makeup! Just wet the textured side and sweep it across your face to lift away every trace of makeup with ease. Flip it over to the smooth side to gently massage in cleanser and rinse.

All-Natural and Ultra Soft on Skin

The Clean2 Pads are made of 100% natural materials like organic cotton, viscose derived from eucalyptus trees, and cellulose. This means they’re super gentle on sensitive skin but also have powerful cleansing abilities.

The smooth side cradles skin in a plush ultra soft embrace while the textured side provides just the right amount of gentle exfoliation. Both sides are lint-free and non-irritating, perfect for all skin types.

Reusable and Eco-Friendly

Don’t throw away these amazing pads after one use! The durable Clean2 material allows them to be washed and reused over and over. Just pop them in the laundry in between uses.

Reusing these pads rather than disposing of cotton rounds or disposable wipes reduces waste and saves you money in the long run. It’s a green, eco-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on quality!

Simple and Convenient for Makeup Removal and Cleansing On the Go

Keep a pack handy by your bathroom and vanity so they’re always in reach when you need them. Just add water or your favorite cleanser or makeup remover, sweep across skin, and rinse. That’s it! The extra large size means you need fewer pads to remove a full face of makeup.

Stash some pads in your gym bag too. They’re ideal for post workout freshening up when you’re on the go. Remove sweat, oil, and dirt in a flash. These thin pads easily tuck into any purse or bag for makeup removal and cleansing anytime, anywhere.

Experience the Clean Skin Club Difference

Here at Clean Skin Club, we’re dedicated to creating innovative products that help you achieve healthy, radiant skin. The Clean2 Pads 2.0 are the latest example of our commitment to quality.

We specially designed every element – the materials, construction, shape, and size – with your skincare needs in mind. The result is a durable, eco-friendly pad that outperforms traditional cotton rounds and disposable wipes in every way.

We stand behind the quality and are confident you’ll love the Clean2 Pads 2.0. That’s why they come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Treat yourself to a better cleansing experience. Ditch those old cotton rounds and upgrade to the Clean2 Pads 2.0 today! Your skin will thank you.


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