Get the Ultimate Wave Pattern with Diane’s Boar Bristle Brush for Fine-to-Medium Hair



Get enviable waves and smooth styles with Diane’s 100% Boar Bristle Wave Brush. Specially designed for fine-to-medium hair textures, this brush helps create, maintain, and enhance wave patterns and styles. The 100% boar bristles are soft on the scalp while effectively smoothing strands. Experience the versatile styling abilities of Diane’s wave brush and unlock your best waves.

Boar Bristles That Are Gentle Yet Effective

What truly sets Diane’s wave brush apart is the 100% boar bristles. The soft bristles ensure a gentle brushing experience, even on sensitive scalps. Unlike plastic bristles that can damage hair, the natural boar bristles are smooth and flexible. This allows them to glide through hair without pulling, snagging or causing breakage.

Even with their soft touch, the boar bristles are highly effective. Their unique properties help smooth hair cuticles flat so strands reflect light better. This creates a gorgeous, healthy shine. The boar bristles also distribute natural oils from the scalp along the hair length. So rather than oils only coating the roots, bristle brushing shares oils to nourish and condition hair from roots to tips.

Maintain Waves, Create Volume and Add Shine

Diane’s brush makes styling waves effortless. The boar bristles grip hair just right to enhance natural waves or set newly formed wave patterns. After creating waves with your favorite products or tools, use Diane’s brush to gently shape and set waves into place. The boar bristles provide just enough tension to define waves without undoing them.

The unique bristle implantation also creates subtle lift at the roots. This adds volume around the crown area that complements wavy styles beautifully. As a final touch, the shine-enhancing effects of boar bristles make waves look radiant. From a subtle glow to high-wattage shine, bristle brushing delivers.

Ideal For Multiple Hair Types and Styles

While specially designed for wavy styles, Diane’s 100% boar bristle brush is versatile enough for all hair types. The bristle flexibility and gentle touch work great on fine to medium density hair. Those with thick or coarse hair may require a brush with firmer bristles.

Beyond waves, the Diane brush can create straight, smooth styles. The bristles provide light tension to banish bedhead or refresh second-day hair. For those with facial hair, the soft bristles also tame and shape beards, mustaches and sideburns. Keep Diane’s brush handy to complete all your grooming needs.

Long-Lasting Construction and UV Protection

Diane’s boar bristle brush features quality craftsmanship for durable, long-lasting use. The body is constructed from real wood with an advanced UV coating. This guards against damage from moisture, heat styling and regular wear-and-tear. While many cheaper brushes lose bristles quickly, Diane’s implantation technology minimizes bristle loss. Enjoy smooth, effective brushing for months to come.

Achieve Salon-Quality Styles at Home

Recreate salon-worthy waves every day with Diane’s Boar Bristle Wave Brush. The soft touch is perfect for comfortable home styling. Bid dry, frizzy hair farewell and unlock radiant, touchable waves. With proper brush care, your Diane brush will deliver for years to come.

Technical Details:

Materials: 100% boar bristles, wood base with UV coating
Bristle Count: Approximately 85 bristles per tuft, 7 tuft rows
Dimensions: Base measures approximately 2.5” diameter; 4” handle length
Recommended Hair Types: Fine, medium density; wavy, curly textures
Best For: Smoothing, wave definition, volume, shine

Use Tips:

Always brush gently using light pressure, especially near the scalp
Use short strokes as you brush rather than long strokes
Start brushing from the bottom tips and work up towards the roots
For extra shine, finish styling with some quick brush strokes
Clean brush regularly by hand or with brush cleaning tools
Let air dry completely before storing to prevent moisture damage
Experience salon-smooth waves with the Diane 100% Boar Bristle Wave Brush. The soft boar bristles define waves, create volume and deliver shine for fine-to-medium hair. Achieve healthy, touchable hair with Diane’s quality brush.


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