Get Rid of Bacteria and Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes with This Easy-To-Use Brush Cleaning Set



Tired of Using Dirty Makeup Brushes That Can Ruin Your Skin? It’s Time to Clean Your Brushes the Right Way!

Introducing the Clean-n-Fresh Makeup Brush Cleaner Set – The Easy Solution for Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes, Sponges and Puffs.

Gone are the days of scrubbing your brushes over and over, trying in vain to get them truly clean. With the Clean-n-Fresh brush cleaning set, you’ll get your brushes, sponges and puffs cleaner than ever in just a few simple steps. No more colored water or foundation stains – this cleaner removes even the toughest makeup buildup and residue.

Why You Need This Makeup Brush Cleaner Set:

Deep Cleans Brushes – Powerful yet gentle plant-based ingredients dissolve and lift away stubborn makeup, oils, and bacteria from brush bristles.

Extends Brush Life – Regular cleaning keeps brushes in top condition so they last longer.

Prevents Breakouts – Dirty brushes transfer bacteria onto skin, causing blemishes and irritation. Proper cleaning removes germs.

Makes Makeup Look Better – Clean brushes pick up and distribute product evenly for smooth, flawless coverage.

Suitable for All Brush Types – Safe formula cleans natural and synthetic bristles without damage.

Conditions Brushes – Special ingredients leave bristles soft and supple after rinsing.

Easy 3-Step Cleaning:

Wet brush bristles and pour cleaner directly onto the brush.
Gently massage bristles on textured cleaning mat to work cleaner through.
Rinse well until water runs clear. Lay flat to dry.
For best results, deep clean brushes weekly and give a quick cleanse before each use. The textured rubber mat provides extra scrubbing power to get into crevices and remove deep down buildup.

What’s inside this brush cleaning set?

2 bottles of 3.4 oz Clean-n-Fresh Makeup Brush Cleaner
1 flexible cleaning mat (6″ x 8″)
The cleaner formula contains a special blend of plant-derived ingredients selected for their cleansing and conditioning properties. There are NO harsh detergents or chemicals that could ruin delicate brush bristles. And there are no dyes, fragrances, gluten, parabens or phthalates.


Removes stubborn makeup, dirt, oils, bacteria, and product buildup
Designed for natural and synthetic bristle brushes
Deep cleans without damage to bristles
Rinses clean without residue
Leaves brushes soft and conditioned
Extends life of brushes
Formulated with gentle, non-toxic ingredients
Cruelty-free and vegan
Give your brushes the care they deserve. Doing so allows for flawless makeup application and helps prevent skin irritation and acne caused by bacteria.

With this Clean-n-Fresh set, you have everything you need for cleaner, softer and longer-lasting makeup brushes. Order now for easy and effective brush cleansing!


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