ESQIDO Long-Lasting Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive – The Gentle Yet Durable Lash Glue for All Day Wear



Tired of eyelash glue that takes forever to dry or leaves behind an unnatural white film? Want an adhesive that is gentle enough for sensitive eyes but still offers incredible hold? Look no further than the ESQIDO Long-Lasting Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive. This lash glue delivers it all – fast-drying, crystal clear, and made for all day wear. Keep reading to learn why this is the eyelash adhesive you’ve been searching for.

A Formula Made for Sensitive Eyes

Eyelash extensions and falsies allow you to enhance your eyes for a gorgeous, wider-eyed look. But if the adhesive irritates your eyes, the experience quickly goes from fun to frustrating. That’s why the ESQIDO lash glue formula skips the chemicals that often cause irritation.

Formaldehyde and latex are common eyelash glue ingredients, but also common allergens and irritants. The ESQIDO Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive leaves those out, relying instead on high-quality acrylate polymer resin to deliver serious staying power without the redness or itching. It’s hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and safe for contact lens wearers.

Finally, you can get long, lush lashes without sacrificing comfort. Even if you have sensitive eyes and skin, this lash glue allows you to wear falsies worry-free.

Dries Crystal Clear in Just Seconds

There’s nothing worse than having to wait around for glue to dry. You painstakingly apply your falsies just right, only to have to stand there unable to open your eyes until the glue sets. Not only does this feel like forever when you’re excited to see your finished look, but it also increases the chances your falsies will slip out of place while drying.

The ESQIDO lash adhesive eliminates that frustration by drying quickly and clearly. As soon as you have your lashes in place, the glue starts drying. Within just a few seconds, the formula dries transparent so you can open your eyes and get on with your day. No more awkwardly waiting around for glue to set!

The fast-drying time also means you can reposition the lashes if needed in those first few seconds. Once the ESQIDO adhesive dries, it creates a strong, invisible bond that will hold your falsies in place until you’re ready to remove them. No slipping and sliding throughout the day.

Made to Hold Strong All Day Long

A lash glue is only as good as its hold. If your falsies are constantly slipping down or falling off, you’ll be frustrated no matter how gently the adhesive treats your eyes. That’s why holding power is so critical.

The ESQIDO Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive offers professional-level hold to keep your lashes exactly where you placed them. The acrylate polymer resin creates a strong bond between your natural and falsies. It ensures your lashes stay lifted and in place from the moment you walk out the door until you take them off.

No need to worry about your glamorous lashes letting you down halfway through date night. This hypoallergenic formula has the strength to last over 12 hours without budging. You can trust it will take you from day to evening in style.

How to Get a Flawless Application

To get the most from your ESQIDO eyelash adhesive, follow these pro tips:

– Prep your natural lashes: Use an eyelash curler to gently curl your natural lashes upward before applying the adhesive. This helps them blend with the falsies.

– Apply the glue in a thin line: Run a thin line of glue along the lash band, making sure to cover the entire length. Too much glue can cause slipping and bumpiness.

– Let the glue get tacky: Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get sticky before applying to your lash line. This helps it adhere.

– Place from the middle outward: Set the center of the falsie band on your lash line, then press the ends down moving outward. This avoids lifting at the corners.

– Hold 30 seconds: After placement, hold the falsies against your natural lashes for about 30 seconds. This helps the bond initially set.

– Check for gaps: Look straight ahead in the mirror and use tweezers to press any lifted edges back down, filling gaps between the falsies and your natural lashes.

– Avoid oil-based makeup: Products like oil-based mascara and makeup removers can break down lash glue. Use water-based formulas to keep your falsies in place.

Experience the Comfort and Hold You’ve Been Looking For

Having sensitive eyes doesn’t mean sacrificing the bombshell lashes you love. With its latex-free, non-irritating formula, the ESQIDO Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive lets you enhance your gaze comfortably. And its steadfast hold ensures your falsies stay right where you put them. No slipping, sliding, or discomfort. Just perfect lashes made easy!

With quick dry time and crystal clear finish, this lash glue saves you from having to wait around for your adhesive to set. Just brush it on, put your lashes in the ideal placement, hold for 30 seconds, and be on your way. The glue does the rest, delivering salon-worthy lashes all day or night long.

Stop struggling to find an eyelash adhesive that gives you both comfort and hold. With ESQIDO Sensitive Lash Glue, you can have it all. Order today and see the hassle-free, long-lasting adhesion for yourself!


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