Enhance Your Eyes with Luxurious Lashes at Home!



Upgrade Your Look with Our DIY Lash Extension Kit – The Secret to Fluttery, Full Lashes in Minutes

Have you ever envied those effortlessly glamorous ladies with long, fluttery eyelashes? Do you wish you could achieve the same dazzling effect without spending a fortune at the salon? Look no further than our DIY Lash Extension Kit, your ticket to lush, beautiful lashes in the comfort of your own home!

With our innovative lash extension kit, you can easily create a dramatic eye look that appears fresh out of the salon. Our kit comes with everything you need to achieve a professional lash extension application all by yourself. We provide premium quality faux mink lashes in convenient cluster strips, a strong hold lash adhesive formulated to keep extensions in place for up to 72 hours, and a handy lash application tool to make the process practically foolproof.

An All-Inclusive Kit for Flawless Lash Applications

This DIY lash extension set includes:

80 Pieces of Handmade Faux Mink Lash Clusters – With 0.05mm ultra fine bands, our lush mink strip lashes are soft, flexible, and comfortable. Choose from two sensational styles – one with a natural criss cross design and one with an extra voluminous fan shape. Clusters contain between 10-14 lashes per strip for gorgeous fullness and length.
Strong Hold Lash Glue – Our salon-quality adhesive provides a tight grip that lasts. The 2-in-1 formula bonds extensions in place while sealing the band for greater longevity and less fallout. Get up to 72 hours of perfect hold with no hassle.
Curved Tip Applicator – Grasp and position strips with greater ease using our ergonomic lash tool. The gentle curve allows you to isolate lashes and place clusters exactly where you want them. Makes application more precise for breathaking results.
Comprehensive Instruction Guide – We provide step-by-step directions walking you through the entire application process. Learn pro techniques to help you achieve striking lashes that look naturally luxurious.
Salon-Worthy Lashes Minus the Expense and Hassle

Lash extensions elevate your look but can cost a pretty penny. Visiting the salon takes time and getting fills to maintain the lashes is a commitment. With our DIY kit, you can attain that same glam lash effect from the comfort of home while saving significantly on money and time.

Our lash strips allow you to recreate a pro lash extension application for a fraction of the price. Since our clusters are reusable up to 5-8 times with proper care, you get plenty of wear out of each set. Forget about booking appointments and sitting in the salon for hours. Now you can wake up with gorgeous lashes every day!

Mink Lash Clusters Designed for Comfort and Convenience

While strip lashes and extensions both add wow-factor volume and length to your eyes, lash extensions generally feel more comfortable and look more natural. Our fake mink clusters give you the best of both worlds!

The super slim 0.05mm bands flex and conform to your natural lash line for undetectable wear. Strands are smoothly tapered at the ends and ultra soft for zero pinching or poking. Yet the fans add serious drama and dimension that instantly makes eyes dazzle.

Cluster style strips allow for quick, foolproof application. Since the lashes come pre-bundled together, you don’t have to isolate and apply each individual lash. Just pick up a strip and place on your lash line with the handy applicator. So much faster and easier!

Achieve Striking Eyes that Appear Professionally Styled

Give your lashes some extra TLC and wake up to gorgeous, wide-eyed peepers every single day! With the right tools, techniques, and a bit of practice, you can craft a stunning eye look that seems straight out of a high-end salon.

Our premium quality DIY lash extension kit provides everything you need to make applying fluttery, dazzling lashes a cinch. Just follow our recommendations below for salon-worthy results:

Make sure eyes and lashes are clean and free of makeup before beginning application. Oil residue will prevent proper adherence.
Only apply to dry, uncurled lashes. Curling first weakens the lash follicle making bonding more difficult.
Use lash glue sparingly and allow to become tacky before applying a cluster. Too much glue causes sliding.
Position clusters as close to the base of your natural lash line as possible. This looks more natural and lasts longer.
Focus clusters towards the outer corners of eyes. Less is more on inner corners for an eye-opening effect.
Point the ends of extensions slightly up and outwards to keep a freshly lifted appearance.
With practice, you’ll be able to achieve bombshell eyelashes that are the envy of all your friends! Flaunt fluttering, striking eyes for any occasion that make you feel oh-so-glamorous.

Experience the Transformative Power of Gorgeous Lashes!

Long, thick, dark lashes have an immediate eye-opening and brightening effect. You’ll be amazed by how instantly sultry and seductive your gaze appears with the right lashes. It’s truly a makeover in minutes!

Lush, faux mink strip lashes take your look from tired to va-va-voom bombshell in the time it takes to sip your morning coffee. The volume, curl, and length lash extensions provide upregulates your entire appearance. You’ll exude confidence knowing your eyes dazzle in every light.

Don’t spend another day envying other women’s lashes. With our DIY Lash Extension Kit, you can attain the same luxurious, fluttery fringe from the comfort of home. Enjoy salon-worthy lashes without the expense and hassle today!


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