End Wraps for Salon Hair Treatments (1000 Count)



Give your clients’ hair the star treatment with Diane End Wraps. These professional-grade end papers provide the ultimate hair protection during chemical services, allowing you to perform perms, relaxers, keratin treatments, coloring, and more with perfect results every time.

Absorb Excess Chemicals and Conditioners

Diane End Wraps are specially designed to absorb excess perm solution, relaxer, color, conditioner or treatment product. The end papers prevent saturation and uneven processing, keeping the ends of hair smooth and avoiding chemical damage. No more splotchy, overprocessed ends! The end wraps soak up extra product and regulate absorption.

Even Processing from Root to Tip

Getting consistently perfect results is easy with Diane End Wraps. The papers keep hair flat and straight around rods and rollers during perms and other chemical processes. This allows for even application and processing from root to tip. No more uneven textures or processing bands. You’ll love the smooth, consistent results.

Protect Hair During Drying

Not only do these end wraps absorb excess chemicals, they also protect fragile, wet hair during the drying process. The papers prevent hair from twisting and tangling while under hooded dryers. This eliminates frizz and damage for smooth, healthy results. Clients will love how the end wraps keep hair neatly sectioned for quick and easy styling.

Hygienic and Disposable

Diane End Wraps are intended for single use to maintain sanitary salon conditions. Simply wrap the end papers around ends of hair before applying chemicals or treatments, then dispose after each client. The disposable papers prevent product cross-contamination. Plus, they’re cost-effective at just pennies per wrap!

Bulk Supply for Salon Savings

Never run out mid-service again! Each box contains a bulk supply of 1000 end wrap sheets. With approximately 20 wraps used per client, this covers up to 50 clients. The bulk quantity allows you to save on costs. Stock up so you always have end wraps on hand when needed.

Easy Dispensing Box

These end wraps come packaged in a handy box with a slotted opening for quick and easy dispensing. The box protects the remaining wraps from damage while providing easy access. Simply grab wraps as needed for each client without fuss. The compact box fits neatly on station shelves or under the sink.

Optimal Size for All Hair Types

The papers measure 2.25 x 3.25 inches, which is the ideal size to fully protect hair ends. Short and long hair alike can be fully wrapped without hassle. The longer 3.25 inch side allows complete coverage of longer locks. While the shorter 2.25 inch width fits comfortably around short styles. The versatile size works for all hair lengths and thicknesses.

Sleek White Color

The clean, bright white color gives a professional look in the salon. It also shows product absorption clearly, so you know whensaturation is complete. The bold white stands out against hair color for easy application and removal. Plus, the color provides a smooth canvas for vibrant hair color results.

Trusted Salon Brand

Diane is the leading professional brand for salon-quality hair accessories and tools. Their end wraps are a staple item in top salons across America. Stylists trust the Diane name to help provide exceptional service and beautiful results. Pamper your clients with these top-notch end wraps!

Love Your End Wraps or Your Money Back!

We’re so confident you’ll love how these end wraps protect hair and simplify chemical processes that we back them with a money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply let us know to receive a replacement or full refund. We want your clients leaving the salon with gorgeous, envy-worthy hair every time.

Show clients how much you value their hair by using Diane End Wraps on every chemical service. The professional grade papers help take the guesswork out of processing and drying for flawless results. Keep hair happily healthy, maximize color vibrancy, and deliver stunning styles with must-have end wraps.


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