Enchant and Allure with Demeter’s Dark Flower Perfume Set – Unusual Floral Scents for Mysterious Romance



Transport your senses to an enchanted realm with Demeter’s Dark Flowers Humongous Miniature Set. This mesmerizing collection features 4 fantastical fragrances inspired by the allure of darkness: Witching Hour, Dark Roses, Vampire Blooms, and Transfixed. Escape into a world of mystery and romance with these eccentric essences formulated to captivate and bewitch.

Witching Hour evokes midnight magic with notes of exotic incense, smoldering woods, and crushed velvet. A spicy heart of cardamom and clove unfolds to a sensual base of vanilla and musk. Let this rich, sultry scent cast an irresistible spell from dusk till dawn.

Dark Roses reimagines the classic rose with darker facets of shadow and light. Bulgarian rose absolute and Turkish rose oil mingle with watery lotus and iridescent woods, shrouded in a veil of musk. A haunting yet smooth fragrance with a dangerous allure.

Vampire Blooms blends aromatic spices and resins with crushed crimson petals. Clove and cardamom provide a spicy bite, while saffron, myrrh, and agarwood swirl through a bouquet of blood red roses. Seductive and mysterious, this fragrance awakens the romantic darkness within.

Finally, Transfixed combines exotic florals and fruits with subtle green nuances. Lush lychee and watery melon notes are illuminated by neroli and ylang-ylang, all underpinned by cedarwood and moss. A bright yet sophisticated eau de parfum for unconditional enchantment.

Miniature Sizes, Maximum Intrigue

This set comes with four 1/2 oz cologne splashes, providing delightful portability. The TSA-friendly sizes make these fragrances ideal for travel, allowing you to stay captivating on-the-go. Each miniature bottle packs eccentric essence and freshness into clean, concentrated perfume.

With just a dab, these long-lasting scents last for hours. The compact sizes also give you the freedom to switch up your mysterious aura from day to night. Charm and allure everyone you encounter while taking up barely any space in your bag.

Unique Botanical Perfumes Unlike Any Other

While Demeter is known for perfumes inspired by everyday moments, their Dark Flowers collection ventures into imaginative new territory. These fragrances utilize botanical ingredients, but are formulated based on fantasy and emotion rather than simple floral accuracy.

The beguiling combinations result in unconventional scents that evoke the shadowy side of nature’s beauty. You’ll find no common single-flower solifluids here. Instead, each fragrance intertwines numerous notes to achieve a complex olfactory vision.

From the smoldering cardamom and incense of Witching Hour to the juicy lychee and melon of Transfixed, this set offers an escape into rich sensory fantasies. The vintage-inspired packaging completes the otherworldly experience.

Unlock Mystique, Charm, and Romance

Ring in the witching hour with a new signature scent that captures your mysterious allure. The dark floral tones in this set provide the perfect way to reveal your most magnetic, romantic side.

Let these transportive fragrances unleash your inner enchantress. Their lush richness and diffusion of light and shadow creates an unforgettable presence that intrigues and attracts.

Experience forbidden floral fantasy and mystery with Demeter’s Dark Flowers Humongous Miniature Set. These beguiling scents will surely cast a spell on all who come near.


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