EBIN NEW YORK Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Supreme – Extreme Firm Hold Wig Application Adhesive For Secure All Day Wear



Tired of constantly adjusting and reapplying your wigs and hair extensions? Introducing the Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Supreme from EBIN NEW YORK – the extreme firm hold wig application adhesive that keeps your hair securely in place all day long.

This revolutionary lace bond adhesive spray provides an extreme holding finish that lasts not just for hours, but for days – so you can go about your activities without having to worry about your wig shifting or lifting. The mega-strength formula offers salon-quality hold at an affordable price.

What makes the Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray so special? Let’s take a look at the key features:

Precision Application Nozzle

The adhesive comes in a spray bottle with a precision point nozzle so you can pinpoint exactly where you want the adhesive applied for a flawless application every time. No more guessing or accidentally spraying areas you didn’t intend to glue down. The precision nozzle allows you to only apply adhesive exactly where needed.

Fast Drying Formula

This wig adhesive dries quickly after application to the lace and scalp, allowing you to apply your wig immediately after spraying for a rapid application. The fast-drying adhesive means you spend less time prepping and more time slaying.

Extreme Holding Power

Formulated with maximum strength polymers and holding agents, this adhesive provides an extreme firm hold that keeps wigs and hair extensions locked tightly in place all day and night. No more slipping, sliding, or lifts – just strong bonding power.

Oil and Sweat Resistant

The advanced formula is resistant to oils, perspiration, humidity – designed to keep your wig adhered even through scalp oils, heavy sweating, or high humidity climates. Your wig stays put no matter the environment or activity.

Lightweight Formula

While extremely strong, the adhesive spray is formulated to be lightweight enough to feel comfortable on your scalp all day. You get max bond strength without stiffness, flaking or buildup.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

EBIN NEW YORK is proud to formulate adhesives that are vegan, contain no animal byproducts, and are never tested on animals. You can slay your wigs confidently knowing animals are safe.

No Latex

The innovative formula is latex-free to prevent against allergic reactions. Achieve a strong hold safely with this gentle yet effective bonding adhesive.

No Flaking or Residue

Avoid unsightly white flakes and sticky residue with this adhesive that dries crystal clear and leaves behind no trace. Your flawless application lasts from morning to night without getting gunky.

With its salon-level hold, comfortable feel, and ease of application, the EBIN NEW YORK Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray is designed to make wig and extension application easy – letting you change up your style with confidence.

The precision nozzle allows precise control so you use the least amount of product needed while getting the strongest hold possible. Fast drying means you can secure your hair quickly and be out the door in minutes.

Never spend time reapplying pieces throughout the day again. This strong bonding adhesive keeps wigs, toppers, and extensions securely in place from morning to night. Dance, work, play – this wig glue withstands it all.

Finally a product that lets you feel fabulous in your favorite wigs, hassle-free. Experience the wonder of serious bond strength without stiffness, residue, or discomfort. EBIN NEW YORK’s Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray handles heavy, thick wigs with ease – just spray, adhere to the lace, and go.

Upgrade your wig game with this salon secret. Get the perfect hairline application and serious hold throughout the day, rain or shine. Be bold, be beautiful, and do it with confidence – with the Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Supreme.


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