e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector, Hydrating, Long-Lasting Color Corrector For Hiding Skin Discoloration, Dullness & Redness, Vegan & Cruelty-Free



Want to look picture perfect, but don’t know how to handle skin discoloration? Let the e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector be your secret weapon for color correction like a pro!

Color correcting is one of the biggest makeup trends right now for giving your complexion a flawless finish. This innovative formula camouflages redness, dullness, blemishes, dark spots, under eye circles, and any other skin imperfections. The results are selfie-ready skin that appears bright, even-toned, and illuminated.

How Does It Work?

The e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector uses the power of color theory to neutralize undertones on your skin. It comes in 5 shades, each designed to cancel out specific discoloration:

Green – Cancels out redness from acne, rosacea, irritation Lavender – Brightens sallow, dull complexions Peach – Minimizes dark under eye circles Yellow – Cancels purplish dark spots and discoloration Salmon – Cancels blue undertones, counteracts ashiness

Simply apply the color opposite on the color wheel to the discoloration on your skin. The pigments will neutralize the undertone for a flawless finish.

For example, apply peach to cancel out blueish dark circles. Apply green to neutralize red acne spots. It’s like magic seeing your skin transform before your eyes!

Lightweight, Hydrating Formula

What sets the e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector apart is its lightweight, hydrating formula. It glides onto skin seamlessly without dragging.

The color correctors are enriched with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate skin while you wear it. Your complexion will look naturally radiant and refreshed.

It also contains soothing rose flower water that calms irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you can comfortably wear this all day long without any stinging or redness.

The creamy formula almost melts into your skin, giving a barely-there feel. Unlike heavy opaque correctors, this formula is lightweight and breathable.

You’ll forget you’re even wearing it! But your skin will look airbrushed and perfected.

Buildable, Full Coverage

While the e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector feels lightweight, the pigment payoff is anything but. This color corrector offers complete full coverage.

A little goes a long way, so you only need a small amount. The highly concentrated formula provides opaque coverage to effectively conceal any discoloration.

The color correctors are also buildable. You can layer and customize the coverage to your needs for problem areas. For mild discoloration, a single layer gives a natural look. For very dark circles or prominent spots, build up the coverage.

No matter if you apply a light wash of color or build it up, the camo color corrector blends out seamlessly. It never appears heavy or cakey.

Crease-Proof & Transfer-Resistant

Once you’ve perfected your color correction, the last thing you want is it slipping, sliding, or creasing.

The e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector is formulated to stay put. The satin, powdery finish sets on your skin without transferring. There’s no smudging throughout wear.

The color correctors are also crease-resistant and flexible. Even as you make facial expressions, it won’t gather in fine lines or look unnatural. You can feel confident your color correction stays immaculate for up to 12 hours of wear.

Layer With Concealer & Foundation Flawlessly

The e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector is designed to layer beautifully under complexion makeup. It creates the ideal smooth, neutral base for foundation and concealer to adhere to.

After color correcting discoloration, apply your favorite concealer on top. The formula pairs perfectly without pilling or lifting. Concealer is able to give its fullest coverage layered over the corrector base.

The same applies for foundation. Foundation blends flawlessly on top of the corrector without any uneven texture. It allows your foundation to appear its most smooth and even.

Whatever your concealer or foundation formula – liquid, cream, or powder – the color corrector layers well. There’s no oxidation or color distortion.

Use the e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector as the first step to flawless coverage and airbrushed perfection!

Vegan, Cruelty-Free

The e.l.f. brand is proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their Camo Color Corrector formula does not contain any animal derived ingredients or byproducts.

e.l.f. does not test on animals or authorize any third parties to do so. You can feel good about using a high quality color corrector that also aligns with your ethical values.

The brand is also Leaping Bunny certified, the gold standard seal for cruelty-free cosmetics. Supporting e.l.f. makeup helps protect bunnies, puppies, kittens and all animals!

Get a Filter-Like Finish With the e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector

If you want soft, natural looking skin that appears professionally color corrected, make the e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector your new makeup bag staple.

This innovative color corrector makes it so easy to neutralize undertones like a pro MUA. The results are picture perfect – think an Instagram filter in real life!

Treat your skin to nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and rose flower water. Allow the lightweight formula to hydrate skin while providing imperfection-camouflaging coverage.

Look airbrushed to perfection without relying on heavy, dry correctors. The e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector melts into skin with a barely-there feel.

Flawlessly cover dark circles, redness, spots, acne, ashiness, and any other discoloration. Customize the buildable formula to your problem areas. Then layer seamlessly under complexion makeup.

With just a few swipes, you can completely transform lackluster skin into a smooth, radiant complexion. Try the e.l.f. Camo Color Corrector to get immaculate selfie-ready skin!


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