Dri Sweat Edge Active Headband



Stay cool and confident during your toughest workouts with the Dri Sweat Edge Active Headband. This revolutionary headband uses advanced sweat-wicking technology to keep sweat from dripping down your face, helping you maintain focus on your fitness goals.

Keep Sweat at Bay

The Dri Sweat Edge Active Headband is specially engineered with proprietary sweat-wicking fabric that absorbs sweat and pulls it away from your skin. The fabric has a unique weave that enables maximum breathability, preventing overheating. The sweat-wicking performance also helps keep sweat from getting into your eyes and impairing your vision during intense training sessions.

Ultra-Lightweight Construction

Crafted from ultra-lightweight, breathable fabric, this active headband offers superior comfort and flexibility. It contains no bulky seams or elastic that could become uncomfortable over time. The slender profile and featherweight feel make you forget you’re even wearing it!

Stay Put Design

Built-in silicone grip strips on the inside of the headband help keep it from slipping around, even during high-energy cardio and aggressive head movements. No need to adjust or readjust – just put it on and it stays securely in place.

Versatile for Any Activity

The Dri Sweat Edge Active Headband works for all types of physical activity, from running and CrossFit to tennis and hiking. Its slim, streamlined profile looks great and won’t get tangled in your hair like wider headbands. It also contains no metal pieces that can become cold in winter.

One Size Fits Most

This unisex headband comes in one size designed to fit most men and women. Made from stretchy material, it conforms to your head for a personalized contoured fit.

Moisture-Sensing Technology

The headband utilizes advanced moisture-sensing technology to speed up sweat evaporation rates. This helps optimize your body’s natural cooling system, promoting thermal comfort even as your workout intensifies.

Lightweight Breathability

With its lightweight, breathable fabric, the Dri Sweat Edge Active Headband promotes air flow to keep you cooler. The smooth, chafe-resistant material won’t get soaked with sweat, remaining light as a feather on your head.

Odor Fighting Design

Built-in odor fighting technology helps curb the growth of odor causing microbes in the fabric. This keeps the headband fresher for longer, minimizing unpleasant smells.

Machine Washable Fabric

The headband is constructed from easy-care fabric that can be tossed in the washing machine for quick cleaning. It retains its shape and performance through many wash cycles.

Durable Construction

It’s engineered with sturdy stitching and quality materials to last through repeated gym sessions. The fabric is also snag-resistant and retains its integrity even when stretched.

Non-Irritating Seams

Unlike other headbands, the Dri Sweat Edge Active Headband contains no bulky irritating seams that could cause discomfort. All seams lie smooth and flat against the skin.

Soft, Comfortable Fabric

The ultra-soft fabric feels great against your skin without being scratchy or causing irritation. It has just the right amount of stretch to move with you during any activity.

In summary, the Dri Sweat Edge Active Headband is a top choice for fitness enthusiasts and athletes wanting to keep sweat at bay. Its innovative sweat-wicking fabric, stay-put design, featherlight feel and odor fighting technology set it apart. Stay cool, comfortable and focused on your training with this high-performance active headband!


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