Dreamlover Wig Head Stand – Keep Your Wigs Organized & Styled (3 Pack)



Tired of your wigs getting tangled and messed up in storage? Searching for a better way to keep your wigs styled and organized? Look no further than the Dreamlover Wig Head Stand! This innovative wig stand is specially designed to keep your wigs in pristine condition and make wig storage a breeze.

The Dreamlover wig head is made of durable and thick plastic that prevents deformation over time. At 14.2 inches tall, it perfectly fits shorter wigs and any wig under 14 inches long. The collapsible and lightweight design also makes these wig heads super portable for travel or storage. Simply collapse it down flat when not in use for compact storage that takes up barely any space in your suitcase or drawer.

Gone are the days of keeping your wigs on flimsy styrofoam heads that easily warp and ruin wig shape. The sturdy Dreamlover wig head maintains the style and shape of your wig while keeping it lifted off surfaces to allow airflow and quick drying. No more having to restyle your wigs every time you take them out! The smooth, non-porous surface also prevents snags and friction damage to the wig fibers.

Whether you have synthetic and human hair wigs, the Dreamlover wig head stand keeps them organized, detangled, and ready to wear anytime. The flat base provides a sturdy platform for holding wigs upright. Multiple wig heads allow you to store different wigs or colors separated and identified at a glance. It also prevents mixups or tangling of wig fibers.

Beyond just wigs, this versatile wig head stand also has many other great uses:

Display hats – The wig head is perfectly shaped to showcase your hat collection while keeping hat brims and shapes supported. Avoid hat boxes that crush delicate hat shapes.

Store masks & helmets– Cosplay fans can keep intricate masks and helmet displays supported properly on the wig head bust for storage. The smooth surface prevents scuffs and scratches.

Display hair accessories– Use the Dreamlover wig head to organize and display hair clips, headbands, extensions and other hair accessories neatly.

Display scarves & ties– The wig head provides a convenient way to drape and organize scarves, silk scarves, ties, and other delicate fabrics without folding or creasing them.

With its versatility and compact size, the Dreamlover 3-pack wig head stand is a must-have for any wig wearer, hat collector, or cosplay fan. Keep your accessories organized and prevent damage with this clever storage solution. At less than $20 for a pack of 3, it’s an affordable way to keep precious headwear protected and accessible. Order the Dreamlover wig stand today and simplify your accessory storage!

Product Details

Materials: Made of durable and thick 0.16 inch plastic to prevent deformation; smooth non-porous surface; hollow design; flat round base

Dimensions: 14.2 inches tall; Base is 5 inches wide

Collapsible & Portable Design: Wig heads fold down flat for easy storage and travel. Takes up hardly any space.

Wide Compatibility: Fits shorter wigs under 14 inches. Can hold other headwear and accessories.

Maintenance: Hand wash only with mild soap and water. Allow to fully dry before storing wigs again.

Includes: Pack of 3 black wig head stands

Satisfaction Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee

Customer Reviews

“These wig stands are perfect for my hair piece collection! I used to just throw them in a drawer which would tangle the fibers and mess up the style. Now I can keep each one styled on its own stand ready to wear anytime. So much better than fighting with tangles and having to re-style each time.” – Mary S.

“I love how these fold up small to pack in my suitcase when I travel. No more dealing with the bulky styrofoam heads. I can neatly store 3-4 wigs in the suitcase without taking up much space. Setting them back up is quick and easy too. Great quality for the price.” – Amanda D.

“As a hat collector, I used to just stack them but that can bend the brims and crowns. These wig heads are fantastic for properly displaying my hat collection while keeping each hat’s shape. I love having them on display now and it’s so easy to switch out my hats.” – Daniel T.

“These wig heads made a huge difference in organizing my cosplay accessory storage. No more tangled messes of costume pieces. Now I can keep masks, helmets, wigs, and other intricate pieces displayed properly and ready for the next convention. Love them!” – CosplayFan23

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the wig heads adjustable or one size?

A: The Dreamlover wig heads are approximately average adult head size and not adjustable. They fit shorter wigs under 14 inches best. Those with very small or large heads may want to look for adjustable wig heads.

Q: How durable is the plastic?

A: The wig heads are made of thick, rigid plastic that is extremely durable and resistant to cracks and dents. The 0.16 inch thickness prevents easy deformation.

Q: Can these stands be used for long/full wigs?

A: The 14.2 inch height won’t work for full, long wigs. We recommend the Dreamlover deluxe 18 inch wig stand for longer styles.

Q: Is there a detachable stand or are they only for tabletop use?

A: The wig heads come with an attached flat, round base for freestanding tabletop use only. There is no detachable stand option.

Q: Does the plastic have any odor?

A: The wig head stands are made of odorless, non-toxic plastic with no chemical smells. They have no scents or perfumes added either.


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