Dreamlover Wig Grip Headbands – Keep Your Wig Secure All Day Long



Slippery wigs are a hassle that no one wants to deal with. You spend good money on a quality wig only to find it slowly sliding back and revealing your natural hair underneath throughout the day. It’s frustrating, inconvenient, and ruins the look you worked hard to create. Stop dealing with the annoyance of wigs that slip and slide by using the Dreamlover Wig Grip Headbands.

These innovative wig grips create a non-slip barrier between your natural hair and the wig. The soft velour fabric provides a comfortable but grippy surface that keeps your wig locked in place no matter what activities fill your day. Gone are the days of constantly adjusting and readjusting your wig. These wig grips allow you to put your wig on with confidence in the morning knowing it will stay exactly where it should all day long.

Customizable Comfortable Fit

The thoughtful design of the Dreamlover Wig Grips provides a customizable fit to match your level of comfort. The hook and loop fastener has an extended length so you can adjust it to the perfect tightness for a secure hold on your hairline without being too tight. Whether you have a petite head or a larger skull, these wig grips can conform to give you the ideal fit. The soft velour fabric also prevents any pinching or discomfort from a too-tight fit. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them!

Breathable Material for All Weather

Hot, humid summer weather can make wigs even more prone to sliding around. The breathable velour material helps prevent a sweaty, sticky wig grip. The fabric is soft and thinner than traditional wig grip fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. Your scalp can breathe easy all day long, making these wig grips ideal for wearing in any weather. No more sweaty slick spots allowing your wig to start to slip.

Reinforced Stabilizing Design

Strategically placed design elements optimize the stabilizing effectiveness of the Dreamlover wig grips. The extended hook and loop fastener across the back of the head provides a wide surface area so your wig is anchored in place. The front of the wig grip contains the most crucial wig-staying power. This area is widened to cover more space across the frontal hairline where wigs tend to slip the most.

The top of the wig grip features a row of reinforced stitching. This adds a tactile grippy texture right where you need it most at the hairline. The reinforced stitches also strengthen the structure, so these wig grips maintain their shape and effectiveness over many uses. They won’t stretch out or deteriorate like some other wig grip brands.

Stylish and Discreet Design

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for function when it comes to keeping your wig in place. The Dreamlover Wig Grips feature an attractive rhombus stitch pattern in neat rows across the top and front for a polished, stylish look. The neutral tan color also blends seamlessly with a variety of hair colors and skin tones.

The wig grip sits discreetly underneath the fringe of your wig, so you don’t have to worry about it being visible. But if someone does catch a glimpse, the chic design looks like an intentional headband accessory. Keep your wig securely in place with a product that looks just as great as your wig!

Use Tips

To get the most slip-proofing effectiveness from your Dreamlover Wig Grips:

Make sure to wear the grip with the logo facing outward on the right side of your head. This ensures the reinforced stitching is in the optimal position to keep your wig from sliding back.
Position the wig grip far enough back on your head to allow complete coverage of your natural hairline. The front of the grip should fully cover your hairline at the temples.
For short styles, use one wig grip at the back of the head. For longer wigs and full lace wigs, use two grips – one at the front and one at the back.
Experience the wig-wearing freedom you’ve been hoping for! Say goodbye to constant wig adjustments and irritated, exposed hairlines. With the innovative design and premium construction of the Dreamlover Wig Grips, you can finally wear your wig with confidence all-day long.


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