DIY Cluster Lash Kit – 192 Pcs Individual Wispy Volume Extensions and Tools for Dramatic At-Home Lash Looks



Get salon-quality lashes at a fraction of the cost with this all-inclusive DIY cluster lash extension kit. With 192 ultra-fine strands in various lengths and curls, you can customize your look from natural and subtle to seriously dramatic. We’ve included everything you need for safe, easy application and removal right at home.

This kit contains:

  • 192 high-quality synthetic mink cluster lashes in 12 different styles
  • Hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly latex free lash glue
  • Lash applicators and tweezers
  • Lash removal solution
  • Instruction guide with application tips and tricks

Achieve Any Lash Look with 12 Wispy Cluster Styles

With 12 styles to mix and match, you can add length, volume and curl exactly where you want it. This kit includes:

  • 20 strands of 8mm lashes for a subtle, natural look
  • 20 strands of 10mm lashes for balanced length and fullness
  • 20 strands of 12mm lashes for major length
  • 20 strands of crisscross lashes for fanned out fullness
  • 16 strands of doll-eye lashes to open up the eyes
  • 16 strands of crisscross doll-eye lashes for wide-eyed doll lashes
  • 20 strands of mega-volume lashes for buildable fullness
  • 20 strands of crisscross volume lashes for bold, feathery fans
  • 20 strands of curly doll lashes to lift and curl

With this versatile assortment, you can mix and match to create a perfect lash line, adding volume or length where desired. Go for a subtle daytime look or amp it up with stacked, feathery fans for night. The possibilities are endless!

High-Quality Mink Strands Look Natural and Feel Weightless

These premium quality mink fiber lashes are virtually indistinguishable from natural lash extensions. The ultra-fine 0.07mm strands are incredibly soft and flexible, so they look and feel like your own lashes. Mink fiber also holds curl better than synthetic lashes, so you get beautiful lift and curl that lasts all day.

Light as a feather, these clusters add fullness and length without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. You’ll forget you’re wearing faux extensions – but everyone else will notice your gorgeous lashes!

Everything Needed for Perfect Lash Application

This kit comes with professional quality application tools and supplies for easy, mistake-proof application:

  • Latex-free lash glue – Sensitive eyes? No problem! This hypoallergenic adhesive is free of latex and other irritants so it won’t cause redness or reactions.
  • Lash tweezers – The slanted tip allows you to grasp even the finest individual lash strands with precision.
  • Application wand – The fine point applicator gives you total control so you can apply just the right amount of glue exactly where needed.
  • Silicone application pad – This keeps your workspace clean and makes lash application smooth and easy.

With the right tools and a steady hand, you’ll get the hang of DIY lash application quickly!

Remove Extensions Gently in Just Minutes

Take your lashes off safely and easily with the included lash remover solution. Just apply some to a cotton pad, press gently on your lash line for 30-60 seconds and watch the glue dissolve, allowing you to slide lashes right off without pulling on your natural lashes. It’s a much gentler alternative to tugging extensions off.

Get a fresh new look in minutes! Lashes can be re-worn up to 10 times if applied and removed properly.

When You Want Gorgeous Lashes on a Budget, This Kit Has You Covered

Stop paying salon prices and treat yourself to luxurious mink lashes at a fraction of the cost. You get nearly 200 reusable handmade extensions along with professional tools and supplies – everything you need for eye-opening results.

Whether you’re looking to become a pro lash artist or just want to experiment with new looks at home, this all-inclusive kit is the easy, affordable way to achieve striking lashes. With the right skills and quality products, YOU have the power to create stunning eyes that will get noticed!


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