DilaBee Spray Bottles (3-Pack, 12 Oz) – Colorful, Durable, and Versatile Bottles for Every Task



Add a splash of color and convenience to your daily cleaning, cooking, and organizing with the DilaBee Spray Bottles 3-Pack. This affordable set includes 3 empty BPA-free PET plastic spray bottles in vibrant shades of purple, blue, and pink. Each translucent bottle has a 12 oz capacity and adjustable nozzle so you can easily tackle any project with a fine mist or steady stream.

Multipurpose Bottles in Fun, Stylish Colors

Tackle a variety of tasks around the home, garden, office and more with these reusable spray bottles. The colorful bottles allow you to quickly identify different solutions at a glance. Use purple for all-purpose cleaner, blue for window spray, and pink for hair products. Or designate each one for the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor areas.

The translucent design lets you easily check fluid levels. The leak-proof bottles have an angled neck that makes reaching those hard-to-spray areas a breeze. Fill them with everything from DIY cleaners and hair products to plant fertilizers and cooking oils. Wherever you need a fine mist or spray, these bottles deliver.

Adjustable Nozzle for Varied Spray Options

The adjustable nozzle on each spray bottle provides versatile spray options. Turn the nozzle to get a super-fine, even mist for applying hair products or a steady stream for rinsing produce and more. The wide spray range makes it easy to control spray thickness and intensity.

Mist houseplants with a light spray, evenly coat pans with oil using a medium spray, or blast stuck-on grease with a powerful stream – all with the same bottle. The ergonomic trigger provides comfortable control so your fingers won’t get tired, even with repeated spraying.

Durable BPA-Free Plastic Withstands Daily Use

These reusable spray bottles are crafted from durable PET plastic that’s BPA-free for safety. The chemical resistant material won’t interact with contents. The leakproof bottles have a secure screw-on cap that prevents accidental leaks in storage or if tipped over.

Built to withstand daily use, the bottles won’t crack or degrade over time. The transparent material makes it easy to keep track of how much liquid is left. When empty, give them a thorough handwashing and they’re ready to be filled and used again.

Convenient Size for Use Around Home, Office & Garden

Measuring 3.2 inches wide by 7.5 inches high, these 12 oz spray bottles are sized for portability and easy storage. The slender shape fits comfortably in your hand and takes up minimal space on counters and shelves. The angled neck makes it easy to maneuver into tight corners and underneath furniture when cleaning.

Keep your favorite hair spray or styling product handy in the bathroom. Have a bottle within reach in the kitchen and laundry room to spritz on stain removers and fragrances. Mist houseplants and garden vegetables with water or fertilizers using the fine spray. Wherever you need a spray applicator, these bottles do the job.

Helpful Label Space for Quick Identification

The front and back of each spray bottle features a large label space. Use a permanent marker to identify the contents – whether it’s rose water, furniture polish or herbal tea. The labeled bottles help avoid cross-contamination and confusion.

Color code the bottles by room or project type. Match the color of the label to the bottle color for an ultra-organized look. Keep your DIY cleaners and products neatly organized with at-a-glance labels.

How to Use Your DilaBee Spray Bottles

Fill the bottles with water first and test the spray nozzle to get familiar with the different settings. Start with a lighter spray for new recipes.

Hair care: Fill with leave-in conditioners, heat protectants, detanglers, etc. Mist evenly onto dry or damp hair before styling.
Cleaning: Make DIY cleaners with vinegar, essential oils and more. Spray directly onto surfaces and wipe clean.
Plants/garden: Water plants and fertilize with a dilute plant food solution. Mist delicately onto soil and leaves.
Cooking: Use for olive and coconut oils to lightly coat pans and vegetables. Fill with flavor-infused waters to baste meats.
Pets: Make organic repellents and lightly spritz areas to deter cats and dogs. Avoid spraying directly onto pets.
Always label bottles and shake well before each use to disperse contents evenly. Rinse after each recipe. Don’t immerse in water or place in the dishwasher.

Things to Avoid in Your Spray Bottles

While these bottles are versatile, there are some limitations:

Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, acids, etc. Stick to mild cleaners suited for plastic bottles. The bottles are not compatible with solvents.
Don’t fill with thick liquids like lotions, soaps, etc. Watery liquids work best in the nozzle. Oils should be very thin.
Don’t twist the nozzle too tightly or force it. Overtightening can cause leaks.
Don’t microwave or freeze bottles. Store at room temperature away from heat and light which can degrade plastic.

Ideal Spray Bottles for Any Task

Tackle daily cleaning, styling, cooking and more with this affordable 3-pack of reusable spray bottles from DilaBee. The colorful bottles are made from durable BPA-free plastic and feature an adjustable nozzle so you can customize spray thickness. Label the multipurpose bottles to organize solutions by room or project.

Keep one in every room for convenience and time savings. The leakproof, transparent design prevents messy spills and lets you see when refills are needed. For versatile, high-quality spray bottles at a budget-friendly price, choose DilaBee.

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