Diane’s Magical Lift Combs – Add Volume and Style to Your Luscious Locks



Do your curls and coils need a boost? Are you looking to take your voluminous hair to new heights? Search no further than Diane’s Magical Lift Combs – the perfect solution for adding lift and volume to thick, curly hair. This 3-piece set is just what you need to make styling your beautiful tresses easier than ever!

Lift Those Luscious Locks to New Heights

Diane’s lift combs are specially designed with wide, sturdy teeth that can comb through the thickest, curliest hair without breaking. The elongated shape and curved handle allows you to get right to the root, grabbing hair securely so you can gently lift it up and add volume exactly where you want it.

Unlike flimsy plastic combs that can snap under pressure, these magic wands are made of durable plastic that stands up to detangling and lifting your thick mane. The smooth polished teeth glide easily through curls, coils, and kinks – detangling with ease while avoiding painful pulling and ripping.

Colorful Tools That Add Function and Flair

Tired of boring black and beige styling tools? These vividly colored combs add a fun pop of pizzazz to your morning beauty routine. The 3-piece set comes in a trio of bright hues – orange, green, and purple – for a playful splash of color in your salon or bathroom.

The different sizes ensure you have the right lift comb for any section of hair. Use the large purple comb to add lift at the crown and sides, the medium green one for bangs and top layers, and the small orange comb for targeted volume around the hairline and temples. With this handy set, you have the perfect lift comb ready for any volumizing challenge!

Add Volume in Just Minutes

Voluminous, bombshell curls are just minutes away with these magical lift combs! After washing and conditioning your hair, section your locks and start lifting tresses upwards with the teeth – either straight up from the root or slightly angled for maximum lift. Let hair air dry or blast with a diffuser to set your new gravity-defying shape.

You can also use the combs after curling or setting your hair, lifting sections gently upward to boost volume at the root. Bend at the knees or flip your head over while lifting for maximum height and body. Use your fingers to lightly fluff curls and arrange them attractively around your face. Then lock in your gorgeous volume with a mist of strong hold hairspray.

Effortless Volume Any Time, Day or Night

Not going out tonight but still want to boost your curls before bed? No problem! A few quick lifts with these combs adds volume that lasts while you sleep, so you wake up with beautiful body ready to go in the morning.

You can even use the combs for touch ups during the day when your hair starts to flatten. Just a few focused lifts revive drooping roots and get your spirals springing skyward again. Keep one of these handy magic wands in your purse for big hair emergencies anytime, anywhere!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our lift combs 100% because we know they work hair magic. But if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us to return the set for a full refund or replacement.

We want you to have the tools you need to style your curls and coils with confidence. That’s why we offer a no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.

Take Your Hair to New Heights

Stop struggling to boost lackluster locks and reach for Diane’s Magical Lift Combs instead. Their wide, curved teeth grip hair securely to lift, volumize, and detangle without breakage or pulling. The trio of colorful combs provides the right tool for styling every section.

So go ahead – lift those luscious curls and coils to gravity-defying new heights! Your vibrant, bombshell hair is just a few lifts, twists, and sprays away.


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