Diane Premium Boar Bristle Detangling and Styling Brush for All Hair Types



Tame unruly locks and reveal your hair’s natural shine with the Diane Premium Boar Bristle Detangling and Styling Brush. This versatile two-sided brush smooths and shapes all hair types and textures – from coarse and curly to fine and straight.

One side features 100% medium firm boar bristles ideal for detangling thicker, textured hair. The natural boar bristles are gentle on the scalp and help distribute natural oils from root to tip. This seals split ends and leaves hair silky soft. The other side has firm nylon-reinforced boar bristles perfect for smoothing finer hair types without pulling or tugging.


  • Adds shine and reduces frizz by evenly distributing natural oils
  • Gentle on sensitive scalps
  • Stimulates circulation on the scalp for healthier hair growth
  • Detangles and smoothes without breakage
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Shapes and defines waves, curls, and straight styles
  • Conditions and maintains beards, mustaches, and facial hair

Whether you have thick and wavy locks or fine and straight tresses, this brush glides through hair without snagging or pulling. The natural bristles are static resistant so they won’t create flyaways. Instead, hair is left frizz-free with a brilliant, healthy-looking shine.

Perfect for All Hair Types

Curly Coils: The medium firm pure boar bristles provide gentle detangling for kinky, coily, and curly hair types. Smooth the cuticle and define curl patterns without tugging or breakage.

Textured Waves: Shape and maintain 360 waves and textured styles. The reinforced firm bristles form waves while the medium bristles provide a gentle finish.

Thick and Coarse: Effortlessly brush out knots and tangles in thick, coarse hair. The flexible bristles glide through strands from root to ends to smooth without irritation.

Fine and Thin: The nylon-reinforced side is ideal for fragile fine hair. Gently smooth each strand without pulling at the delicate roots. Adds shine and reduces static.

Normal and Straight: Perfect for all-over styling, shaping, and finishing. Enhance natural shine and silkiness.

Beard, Mustache, and Facial Hair Care

Groom facial hair and sculpt the perfect style with the Diane boar bristle brush. The firm reinforced bristles shape mustaches and beards and can also be used to evenly apply balms, oils, and waxes. Massage the scalp to exfoliate and stimulate hair follicles for optimal growth.

Premium Design and Materials

100% boar bristles – gentle on scalp, adds shine
Handmade beech wood base
Reinforced nylon bristles firmly smooth hair
Rounded tips gently massage the scalp
Implantation technology secures bristles
Ergonomic easy-grip handle
Durable water-resistant UV coating
Experience the excellent detangling and smoothing performance of premium boar bristles with the Diane Club Brush. Reveal your hair’s healthiest, shiniest, and most vibrant self!


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