Diane Fromm Mebco Lift Styling Comb for Medium to Long Hair



Looking for an easy way to add volume and lift to your medium to long hair? Look no further than the Diane Fromm Mebco Lift Styling Comb. This comb is specially designed with wide, spaced teeth that help detangle hair and boost volume for gorgeous, lifted styles.

Add Volume and Lift to Limp Hair

If you struggle with flat, limp hair that lacks body and lift, this Diane Fromm comb is the perfect solution. The wide 6 inch teeth on this comb easily glide through medium to long hair lengths, gently massaging the scalp and hair roots to add vital volume and lift. As you style, the comb’s teeth grab hair and lift strands up and away from the scalp, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Detangles and Smoothes as it Styles

This comb doesn’t just volumize – its wide teeth also act as a detangler as you run it through the lengths of your hair. The teeth gently separate knots or tangles and smooth down flyaways and frizz. Use it before blowdrying for a quick detangle, or carry it in your bag for de-frizzing and touchups on the go.

Designed for All Hair Types

No matter your hair type – fine and thin, thick and wavy, or natural curls – this Diane Fromm styling comb is gentle enough for daily use. The rounded tips of the teeth won’t snag or pull delicate strands. Just be sure to start by combing out the ends and slowly work up to the roots for the easiest detangling.

Key Features

  • Wide 6 inch teeth add lift from roots to ends
  • Rounded tooth tips glide easily and gently through hair
  • Massages scalp to stimulate circulation
  • Smooth, anti-static finish prevents frizz
  • Ideal for medium to long hair lengths
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

How to Use

For Volume: Starting at the roots, gently use short strokes to comb the hair up and away from the head. Lift sections of hair and comb from underneath to boost volume all over.

For Detangling: Start combing 3-4 inches from the bottom tips. Hold hair taut and comb out knots working up towards the scalp. For wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb like this one before switching to a finer comb.

For Touch-Ups: Carry in your bag for quick smoothing of flyaways and frizzies throughout the day.

Quality Construction

Diane Fromm combs are made from high-quality materials built to last through daily use. The teeth on this comb are made from durable plastic with hand-finished seamless tips. The design prevents the comb’s teeth from catching or breaking mid-combing. Enjoy smooth, snag-free styling and volumizing every time you use it!

Love Your Diane Fromm Styling Comb!

Say goodbye to flat, lifeless locks and enjoy hair with extra body and lift. This comb helps you achieve fuller, bombshell styles with just a few passes through the hair. Reviewers love how it adds oomph to limp locks without damaging or tugging delicate strands. Grab your Diane Fromm Lift Comb and unlock thicker, sexier hair every day!

What Customers Are Saying:

“This comb is perfect for adding volume to my fine, thin hair. I use it to tease and lift at the roots for a bombshell lift!”

“So much better than my cheap drugstore combs for detangling my curly hair. The wide teeth prevent breakage.”

“I keep this in my purse to fix frizz and flyaways when I’m on the go. My new favorite comb!”

Start Styling Today

Don’t waste time with subpar combs that pull and tug. Upgrade to the Diane Fromm Lift Comb and experience the smoothing, volumizing power for yourself. Just a few passes through your hair will give you noticeable results. Click Add to Cart now to get salon-worthy lift and bombshell body! Your new go-to styling comb awaits.


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