Diane Beauty Butterfly Clips for Styling, Sectioning, Dyeing Hair, 12 Pack (6 Black, 6 White) – Strong Hold, Easy Grip



Keep your hair neatly styled and out of the way with Diane’s pack of 12 easy grip butterfly hair clips! This value set includes 6 black and 6 white durable plastic clips measuring 3.25 inches each to suit all hair types and lengths. These classic salon-style clips are must-have hair accessories for creating professional looking styles at home.

The clips feature wide, ribbed handles that make them easy to open and snap closed. The strong, injection molded construction will securely hold large sections of hair in place all day long without creasing, denting, or leaving kinks behind. The smooth flat surface prevents snagging or tangling for smooth styled strands.

Whether you have fine and thin or thick and curly hair, these no-slip clips are strong enough to hold your locks in place. Section off hair before applying hair dye or products. Pull half your hair up and clip it back to keep it out of your face while styling the bottom. Divide hair into sections before blowdrying to get a smooth, sleek look. Use to temporarily hold pinned curls as they cool and set. The simple yet functional design means they work for almost any hairstyling need.

Not only useful while styling your hair, but these clips can also become part of your look. The pretty black and white pattern is sophisticated and matches any outfit and hair color. Wear one on each side of your head as an accent piece to dress up a basic ponytail or messy bun. Slide in a few around a French braid to complete the look. They look cute while serving their purpose of holding hair in place.

Diane’s butterfly hair clips are salon quality at an affordable price. The bulk pack of 12 is perfect for sharing with kids and teens who always seem to misplace their hair accessories. Have plenty on hand so you’re never missing a clip when you need one. The clips make great stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, and party favors too.

You’ll love how these strong, lightweight clips hold hair securely while you style, dye, or dry your locks. Everyone with medium to long hair needs a set of good butterfly clips. Diane’s smooth plastic clips won’t catch, rip or damage hair like cheaper metal clips sometimes do. Higher priced wood or titanium clips can crack or weaken over time while these maintain their grip.

The ridged handles slide easily between your fingers to open and close effortlessly without pinching. The smooth, rounded ends are comfortable against your scalp and won’t poke or scratch. Flat teeth keep their grip without leaving kinks or creases in your lovely tresses. Diane’s clips strike the perfect balance of good quality without the premium designer price tag.

Experience salon-perfect styles at home with this professional set of sectioning and styling clips. No more redoing sections that come loose or trying to keep layers in place while blow drying. The simple yet ingenious function of these clips takes the hassle out of styling by securing hair neatly and comfortably in place.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these inexpensive but indispensable hair helpers. No more frantically bobby pinning escaping strands or awkwardly clamping sections with one hand while you style with the other. Effortlessly section, clip, and style your hair like a pro!


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