Diane Assorted Hair Pins for Styling Versatile Updos and Casual Looks – Pack of 100 Pins in Varying Sizes with Crimped Spiral Design



Create beautiful hairstyles that stay in place with Diane’s assorted pack of 100 durable, high quality hair pins! This must-have set includes 30 jumbo 3-inch pins, 30 large 2.5-inch pins, and 40 medium/small 1.75-inch pins to meet all your hair styling needs. The varying sizes allow you to strategically place pins to securely hold any type of updo or casual look in place from day to night.

The black crimped design adds a subtle decorative flair while also providing a strong grip to keep styles lasting all day or evening. The waved spiral metal is designed to be flexible yet sturdy so pins hold shape without bending while being comfortable in hair. Pins won’t pull, tug or scratch the scalp thanks to the coated ball tips that make it easy to gently slide pins into place.

Diane’s assorted pack of durable pins are great for:

  • Formal updos for weddings, proms, dances
  • Stylish everyday buns, braids, ponytails
  • Pulling hair back off the face
  • Securing hair accessories like clips or barrettes

Whether you have long, short, thick, or thin hair, these pins work on all hair types and textures. The jumbo 3-inch work best in long, thick or curly locks that need extra hold. The large 2.5-inch grip medium to long hair securely whether styling an intricate updo or messy bun. Finally, the medium 1.75-inch pins keep shorter styles in place perfectly.

You’ll love having plenty of pins on hand for hair wash days when styling ponytails or clips. Slide a few in when needing hair pulled back for activities like exercise, gardening or cleaning. Or use pins to create a half-up style for the office or a date night. The options are endless!

With 100 pins, this bulk set eliminates the frustration of losing pins or always needing more. The included storage box keeps pins neatly organized and easy to access when styling hair. Pins stand upright in the slots so they don’t tangle.

You’ll be ready for any hair styling need with this versatile set of Diane’s durable, high grip hair pins! Whether an intricate updo for a formal event or simply pulling hair back during a busy day, these pins keep styles Looking fabulous.


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