D&G Light Blue Eau de Toilette Spray for Women – Fresh, Fruity Scent in a Stylish Bottle



Treat yourself or a loved one to the bright, vibrant fragrance of D&G Light Blue Eau de Toilette. This perfume for women evokes the spirit of summer with a blend of citrus, fruits, herbs, and florals. The stylish blue bottle makes a gorgeous addition to any dresser or vanity.

Top Notes of Sicilian Citron, Bluebell, and Apple

The top notes burst open with the tart freshness of Sicilian citron, sweeter apple, and delicate bluebell. It’s a fruity and floral fusion that’s crisp, clean, and exhilarating.

Heart Notes of Bamboo, Jasmine, and White Rose

As the perfume settles on the skin, the heart notes bloom with fragrant jasmine, heady white rose, and earthy bamboo. It’s a smooth floral melody that’s feminine and romantic.

Base Notes of Cedarwood, Musk, and Amber

The base notes create depth and sensuality with creamy amber, warm cedarwood, and skin-like musk. It dries down to a soft, powdery finish.

Radiant and Carefree

This perfume captures the feeling of an endless summer day full of possibilities. It’s laidback yet sophisticated, with a youthful energy. Spray it on for a burst of sunshine and positivity.

Versatile Enough for Day or Night

D&G Light Blue works beautifully for daytime wear, with its fresh citrus opening and casual florals. Yet it also transitions smoothly into the evening, when the warm, ambery base notes come forward.

Long-Lasting Fragrance

While many citrus colognes fade quickly, D&G Light Blue has impressive staying power. The crisp top notes give way to lingering florals and musk over the course of the day. You’ll enjoy hour after hour of bright, uplifting fragrance.

Stylish Blue Bottle

With its bold blue hue, the bottle perfectly reflects the fragrance inside. The elegant, streamlined shape looks beautiful on any vanity. Light Blue is presented in a conveniently-sized 0.84 oz bottle, making it great for home use or taking on trips.

A Sophisticated Scent from Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana have mastered the art of timeless, luxurious scents like Light Blue. Their fragrances are beloved for quality ingredients, meticulous craftsmanship, and a distinctly Italian flair. Spritz on this perfume to feel transported to the sunny Mediterranean.

Light Blue Perfume for Women at a Glance:

  • Top notes of Sicilian citron, bluebell, and apple
  • Heart notes of bamboo, jasmine, and white rose
  • Base notes of cedarwood, musk, and amber
  • Bright, fruity, floral scent perfect for daytime
  • Smooth dry down with warm, sensual base notes
  • Long-lasting fragrance that lasts for hours
  • Elegant light blue bottle, 0.84 oz size
  • A vibrant and carefree Dolce & Gabbana perfume

Treat yourself to the burst of sunshine in a bottle that is D&G Light Blue. It’s a sophisticated yet easygoing women’s perfume that evokes the feeling of an endless summer. Order now to experience this beloved floral fruity fragrance.


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