Demeter Wings Eau de Toilette Spray for Women – Fresh, Light Scent Inspires Freedom and Joy



Take flight with the uplifting and carefree scent of Demeter Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills. This invigorating women’s eau de toilette evokes feelings of freedom, joy and new beginnings with its light, fresh fragrance.

Top Notes of Citrus and Green Accents

The top notes burst open with lively citrus fruits like Italian lemon, sweet orange and grapefruit. Hints of green apple and fresh-cut stems add a crisp, natural nuance. It’s a bright opening that feels clean, fresh and full of positive energy.

Heart Notes of Jasmine and Watery Florals

In the heart, fragrant white flowers like jasmine, lily of the valley and narcissus bloom. Their gentle, dewy petals evoke images of strolling through a floral meadow after a spring rain shower. It’s a soft, delicate and romantic middle phase.

Base Notes of Blonde Woods and Musk

Finally, the base notes create a feather-light foundation with blonde woods, creamy sandalwood and sheer musks. Subtle hints of amber add warmth. It’s an ethereal base that floats effortlessly without weighing down the fragrance.

Versatile Scent for Carefree Days

This vibrant eau de toilette has a light, sheer quality that wears close to the skin. The scent creates an aura of energy and brightness around you, inspiring a sense of freedom and joy. It’s perfect for daytime wear during warmer months when you want to feel uplifted and renewed.

The universal citrus-floral scent also makes it versatile enough for everyday wear. Keep a bottle on your vanity to spritz on when you want an instant mood boost to start your day. The scent is lovely but never overpowering, making it ideal for work, school or casual daytime activities.

Radiant, Youthful Essence

While marketed as a women’s fragrance, the zesty citrus and contemporary white flowers at its heart give it a radiance that transcends gender or age. It has a distinctively modern, youthful essence. Both younger and mature women can appreciate its energizing and spirit-lifting character.

Inspired by the Greek Goddess Iris

The Demeter Wings name pays homage to Iris, the Greek mythical goddess of the sky and sea. She is depicted in ancient art and legends as a beautiful young woman with wings who carries messages across the skies. Like its namesake, this perfume inspires you to soar above everyday life and embrace your inner spirit of freedom.

Artful Packaging

The bottle’s design evokes the scent’s inspirational name and ethos. The frosted glass bottle is gracefully curved with a sculpted top to resemble unfurled wings or gentle waves. A sleek silver-toned cap adds modern elegance. It looks beautiful on your vanity and hints at the magical, dream-like aura within.

Giorgio Beverly Hills’ Luxurious Legacy

Giorgio Beverly Hills is a prestigious fragrance house renowned for crafting luxurious, high-quality scents for women and men. Their expertise with artful blending and alluring packaging shines through in this special eau de toilette. It makes a thoughtful gift for any perfume lover in your life.

Spritz on this uplifting fragrance when you want to set your spirit free and recapture the carefree essence of youth. Demeter Wings is sure to be a treasured addition to your perfume wardrobe.


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