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Experience the difference with the Delkinz Barber Cape. As a professional barber or stylist, you need a cape that performs as reliably as you do. This salon cape is designed to make every cut, style, and treatment easy while protecting your clients’ clothing. With adjustable snaps and a waterproof, stain-proof fabric, this cape has everything you need for flawless hair services.

Fits All Clients with Adjustable Snaps

Getting the perfect fit is easy with the Delkinz cape. It features adjustable snaps so you can customize the neckline to each client. Whether you’re working with kids, women or men, this one-size-fits-all design ensures full coverage. The snaps open up to 51 inches wide, accommodating all body types with room to spare. You’ll never have to stress about exposure again.

Waterproof Protection for Mess-Free Styling

Let’s face it, cutting and styling hair can get messy. With the Delkinz cape, you don’t have to worry about stains from shampoos, conditioners, gels, dye or bleach. The durable polyester fabric features a waterproof coating that allows liquids to glide right off without absorbing. Trimmings and cut hair won’t cling or stick either, thanks to the smooth surface. Now you can focus on creativity, not clean-up.

Soft Fabric Drapes Perfectly on Clients

Client comfort is a priority with the Delkinz cape. It’s made from soft, lightweight polyester that gently drapes without irritating skin. The fabric is also anti-static, so it won’t cling or shock. Whether providing a quick trim or an extensive color session, your clients will feel relaxed from beginning to end.

Hanging Loop for Convenient Storage

Salon space is valuable, so this cape was designed to take up minimal room. It includes a hanging loop so you can store it on a hook, rod or wall when not in use. The polyester material doesn’t wrinkle easily, so it will look crisp and professional for every client. No wrangling required.

Easily Washable for Next-Day Use

Never underestimate the power of cleanliness in a salon. After each use, the Delkinz cape can be machine washed and tumble dried for fresh, sanitary results every time. No more hand washing or trips to the dry cleaner. Just toss it in with your regular laundry and it will come out looking new.

Trusted by Professionals

With over 15 years in business, Delkinz is a brand stylists trust. Our capes are relied on by barbers and salon owners across the country for their durability and performance. Countless 5-star reviews praise the quality and value of our products. Know you’re getting a cape made for professionals, by professionals.

Complete Client Coverage

With dimensions of 51 x 59 inches, the Delkinz cape provides complete coverage for your clients. It protects the front, back and sides of clothing fully while allowing ample movement. Longer length ensures even tall clients are covered. For complete confidence in mess protection, choose Delkinz.

Durable, Wrinkle-Resistant Material

This cape is designed to hold up to repeated use and washing. The polyester fabric is durable, flexible and resists wrinkles. Even after machine washing, it retains its smooth, crisp look. You’ll rely on this cape to perform service after service thanks to its long-lasting construction.

Waterproof Protection from Neck to Toe

Your clients will appreciate how this cape keeps every inch of clothing dry. The waterproof coating prevents liquids and products from seeping through, even if splashed or spilled. Avoid embarrassing accidents and keep your clients comfortable with Delkinz complete coverage.

Soft, Gentle Fabric for Client Comfort

The last thing you want is a cape that irritates or scratches clients’ skin. Delkinz uses super soft polyester that feels gentle on the neck and shoulders. Clients can relax without scratchy fabrics irritating their skin. The comfortable fit makes for a pleasant service from start to finish.

Customizable Fit for All Ages and Body Types

With adjustable snaps, this cape provides a customizable fit for all clients. Open the snaps wider to accommodate broad shoulders or larger body types. Snap it snugly for a perfect fit on children. Adapt the drape and coverage on every unique body you service.

Lightweight Feel, Heavy Duty Performance

Don’t let the lightweight fabric fool you – this cape is made to last. The key is quality construction with barbershop-grade materials. Each cape undergoes thorough inspection and testing to ensure it stands up to daily use. Delkinz capes outlast cheaper versions thanks to superior materials.

Fluid Fabric Drapes Without Clinging

The Delkinz cape drapes beautifully on every client thanks to the smooth polyester fabric. It falls gracefully without clinging or riding up. Busy stylists will appreciate how easily it moves with each client and procedure. Customers feel comfortable with fabric that moves with them.

Vibrant Black Color

This cape comes in classic black, perfect for a professional setting. The dark color also does a superior job of hiding cut hair and product spills compared to light capes. Maintain a polished look throughout the workday with the deep black shade.

Complete Confidence in Client Coverage

When clients get their hair cut, the last thing they want is to end up with stains on their clothing. Give them confidence that their outfit will remain pristine throughout the service. This cape provides trusted coverage clients can rely on.

Trusted Salon Brand

With decades of experience designing salon apparel, Delkinz understands what stylists need. We engineer our capes to be durable, comfortable, and professional – everything you want in a cape. Trust our expertise to equip your business with high quality capes.

Superior Alternative to Disposable Capes

Don’t waste money on flimsy disposable capes that end up in the trash after one use. This durable cape is designed for repeat wear and washing. The long-term savings add up, making it a wise investment for any hair salon.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

No need to hand wash or dry clean this cape – simply toss it in the washing machine. Tumble dry on low and it comes out looking fresh as new. The easy care construction adds convenience to your busy schedule.

Invest in the cape trusted by professionals across the country. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, coverage, and convenience with the Delkinz Barber Cape.


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