DEJAVIA Magnetic Lashes – Effortlessly Natural & Beautiful Looking Lashes in Minutes



Tired of traditional false lashes that require messy glue and are difficult to apply? Look no further than these innovative DEJAVIA Magnetic Lashes for easy, gorgeous lashes in minutes! With a complete kit including 10 pairs of lightweight, wispy lashes and magnetic eyeliners, you’ll achieve a naturally stunning look without the hassle.

These lashes utilize strong magnets to securely attach to your lash line after applying the included magnetic eyeliner. The clever magnetic system allows for quick, effortless application – no glue, no mess! Just draw on the eyeliner, let it dry, and pop on the lashes for instantly fuller, fluttery lashes.

The 10 diverse lash styles range from subtle and natural looking to bold and glamorous. With varying lengths and curls, you can customize your look for any occasion, from everyday wear to a night out. The lashes are designed with a clear, lightweight band that easily adheres to the lash line for undetectable wear. The super soft fibers look and feel like real lashes, blending seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Not only are these lashes reusable, saving you money in the long run, but they are also waterproof and long lasting. The durable magnetic eyeliner contains an intense concentration of iron oxide particles, providing stronger magnetism and all day hold. Even on hot, humid days the lashes will stay put without sliding down or unsticking. You can wear them confidently from day to night.

Application is a total breeze thanks to the user-friendly design. Just follow these simple steps for perfect placement every time:

  1. Apply the magnetic eyeliner across your lash line, building thickness as desired.
  2. Allow 30 seconds for the eyeliner to dry thoroughly.
  3. Hold the band of the magnetic lashes against your lash line and watch them snap into place over the eyeliner.
  4. Use the included tweezers to adjust the positioning as needed, pressing down on the ends to maximize magnet contact.

With this foolproof application process, you’ll avoid the messy gluing and precision placement required with traditional falsies. The ultra-lightweight, barely-there feel of these magnetic lashes makes them comfortable for all day wear. Customers love how quickly they achieve a naturally enhanced, wide awake look:

“These magnetic lashes are so easy to use and make such a difference in opening up my eyes. I get compliments whenever I wear them!”

“I wore these magnetic lashes out dancing all night and totally forgot I had them on. Didn’t have to worry about them shifting or falling off.”

“They go on flawlessly in seconds and really complete my makeup looks. So nice to have lush lashes without dealing with irritating glues.”

Any skill level can master these lashes thanks to the well-designed applicator and tweezers included to ensure proper placement. Whether you’re a lash novice or a makeup pro, you’ll love the convenience of quickly achieving stunning lashes.

Ditch the difficulty of glue falsies and level up your beauty routine with these ingenious DEJAVIA Magnetic Lashes. With 10 diverse lash styles to suit any look and a hassle-free magnetic application system, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Order today and get ready to fall in love with your new lush, fluttery lashes.


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