DEEKA Double Row Teeth Hair Clips – Strong Non-Slip Claw Clips Keep All Types of Hair Securely in Place



Tired of flimsy hair clips that slip and slide out of your hair? Introducing the DEEKA Double Row Teeth Hair Clips – innovative hair accessories that keep even the finest or thickest hair secured all day long.

Featuring a unique double row of teeth, these medium-sized claw clips have an unrivaled grip that prevents hair from slipping out. The tightly spaced teeth on both rows grab hair firmly without snagging or pulling. Just section your hair, snap a clip at the base of a ponytail or bun, and enjoy perfect styling that stays put through work, exercise, school runs and beyond.

Designed in a trendy matte finish, these neutral-toned claw clips suit any outfit or occasion. The compact yet mighty 1.52 inch size is ideal for pulling back all your locks or just sections. Create chic half updos, sleek buns, waterfall braids and more – the styling possibilities are endless!

The resin material provides sturdy construction that won’t crack or break when opening and closing repeatedly. The smooth surface prevents damage or crimping to hair. Rounded edges ensure the clips are gentle on your hands as you put them in and take them out.

Take these effortless hair helpers anywhere you go. Their petite profile takes up barely any space in your bag. Available in a convenient pack of 4, you’ll always have one on hand to corral unruly strands in a flash. Choose from black, brown, khaki and gray to complement whatever you’re wearing.

Ditch subpar clips and upgrade to the DEEKA Double Row Teeth Hair Clips. Here’s why savvy women love using them:

Unbeatable Grip:

Innovative double row of teeth design grabs and holds hair securely
Densely spaced teeth prevent thin or thick hair from sliding out
Strong enough for long, heavy hair yet gentle on fine locks
Keeps styles like ponytails, buns, braids and updos in place all day
Trendy, Compact Size:

Medium 1.52 inch clips suit all hair lengths and styles
Ideal size allows you to section hair and keep it pulled back
Smooth, matte finish complements all outfits and occasions
Space-saving design is perfect for purses, gym bags and more
Durable Yet Gentle:

Made from sturdy resin that withstands repeated use
Won’t crack or break when opening and closing
Rounded edges prevent snagging hair and protect fingers
Lies flat against head for comfortable all-day wear
Versatile Styling:

Create chic updos, ponytails, braids, buns and more
Use to section hair when curling, straightening or blow drying
Pull back front pieces for a stylish half updo
Keep hair off the face while studying or doing chores
Manage flyaways and baby hairs around the hairline
Ditch the hair hassle once and for all. Order the DEEKA Double Row Teeth Hair Clips now to keep your locks fabulously styled no matter what life throws your way.


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