Davidoff Cool Water Intense Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, Fresh Scent with Sensual Amber Dry Down, 4.2 oz



Escape into the bold freshness and irresistible sensuality of Cool Water Intense Eau de Parfum. This dynamic fragrance opens with a burst of fresh aquatic notes like frosted mint, lavender, and frozen sea salt, invigorating your senses with icy cool energy.

As the fragrance evolves, the freshness deepens with a spicy heart of cardamom and woody notes of vetiver, grounded by the warmth of smooth ambergris. The dry down blends with an amber accord, adding to the sensuality and intensity of this boldly innovative blend from Davidoff.

An Intoxicating Call of Hedonistic Freshness

Cool Water Intense is a next generation take on the iconic Davidoff Cool Water DNA. The Eau de Parfum concentration lends richness and depth to the aquatic freshness, making this a fragrance to indulge the senses.

The frozen top notes contrast excitingly with the spicy heart and ambery base, fusing into an addictive scent story. This seductive eau de parfum captures imagination with its multi-faceted accords and bold expression of masculine sensuality.


Top Notes: Frozen Mint, Frosted Lavender, Sea Salt Accord

Heart Notes: Cardamom, Elemi, Vetiver

Base Notes: Texan Cedarwood, Ambroxan, Ambergris Accord

When to Wear:

Cool Water Intense is perfect for evenings out and special occasions when you want to feel refreshed yet sexy. The icy freshness makes it ideal for warm weather and daytime wear too. Versatile for any season, it’s a contemporary classic for modern men.

How to Apply:

Always spray fragrances on clean, dry skin for the truest scent experience. Apply Cool Water Intense to your pulse points like the wrists, neck, and chest. The warmth of your body will help diffuse the notes. Reapply as needed for staying power.


Cool Water Intense comes in a dark blue glass bottle inspired by crashing waves, reflecting the oceanic freshness within. The silver Davidoff logo adds sleek style. A 4.2 oz Eau de Parfum offers over 120 sprays for months of enjoyment.

About the House of Davidoff:

Known for expertise in luxury goods, Davidoff brings Swiss precision and craftsmanship to scents for men and women. Their perfumes range from fresh and energetic to warm and spicy, excelling in blended, multifaceted fragrances.

Established in Zürich in 1911, Davidoff celebrates personal achievement, style, and sophistication. Their scents capture that aspirational Swiss mindset, helping you feel confident and ready to pursue your passions.

Complete Your Fragrance Wardrobe:

Cool Water Intense makes a alluring addition to any man’s fragrance collection. It pairs perfectly with fresh scents for daytime like Davidoff’s Champion Energy and woodsy nighttime fragrances like Davidoff’s The Game.

For a complete Davidoff wardrobe, add crowd-pleasing crowd pleasers like Cool Water, Hot Water, and Adventure. With different moods for different occasions, you’ll always have the perfect scent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the scent last? With its Eau de Parfum concentration, Cool Water Intense can last 6-8 hours or more on skin. Its tenacious woody base notes provide staying power.

Is this a blind buy safe scent? With its mass appealing aquatic notes and versatile amber base, Cool Water Intense is easy to enjoy and wear for most men. Its familiar Davidoff DNA makes it a safe blind buy.

When was Cool Water Intense launched? Davidoff added Intense to the Cool Water franchise in 2018. It joins the iconic original Cool Water and flankers like Cool Water Wave, Cool Water Night Dive, and Cool Water Pure.

What’s the difference between Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum? Eau de Parfum contains more perfume oil concentration, making it last longer on skin with more sillage. Eau de Toilette has slightly lower oil concentration for lighter wear.

What are the top 3 notes in Cool Water Intense? The top notes are Frozen Mint, Frosted Lavender, and Sea Salt Accord. They provide an exhilarating aquatic freshness.

Is this fragrance long lasting? With its Eau de Parfum concentration, Cool Water Intense lasts over 6 hours on most wearers, especially when applying to pulse points. The dry down provides tenacious endurance.

What’s the best season to wear this? Cool Water Intense works for all seasons. Its refreshing top notes are ideal for warm weather while the amber base provides warmth in cooler months.

Is Cool Water Intense good for night or day? Thanks to its versatile scent profile, Cool Water Intense works both day and night. The icy fresh notes make it perfect for day while the amber dry down adds sensuality for evenings.

Who is the perfumer? Cool Water Intense was crafted by perfumers Antoine Maisondieu and Adriana Medina. Davidoff frequently works with Maisondieu in particular.


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