Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, Fresh Aquatic Scent, 6.7 oz



Escape to the refreshing cool waters with the iconic Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette for Men. This iconic aquatic fragrance evokes feelings of the ocean’s breeze and waves crashing along the sandy shores. With top notes of lavender, rosemary, menthe and bergamot, middle notes of jasmine, chevrefeuille, geranium, sandalwood, iris and oakmoss, and base notes of musk and ambergris, Davidoff Cool Water is the perfect summertime scent.

The burst of mint and lavender greets you initially, invigorating the senses with its cooling touch. As it settles, the aromatic blend of florals like jasmine and geranium emerge, adding a touch of sophistication. Finally, the base notes provide warmth and sensuality with musk and ambergris. Together, these notes come together to create a fragrance that is fresh, clean and masculine.

This Eau de Toilette spray comes in a large 6.7 oz bottle, allowing you to liberally apply it for all-day freshness. The moderate sillage means the scent projects appropriately without being overpowering. It’s perfect for daily wear from the office to the beach and everywhere in between. The longevity is also decent, keeping you smelling great from morning to night.

Davidoff Cool Water has been a staple in men’s fragrance collections for decades. Released in 1988, it took the men’s fragrance world by storm and to this day remains a beloved classic. Its enduring popularity comes from its versatile aquatic aroma that works for all ages and occasions. It’s clean and refreshing nature also appeals to men looking for an invigorating scent that isn’t too loud or cloying.

Spray on Davidoff Cool Water to feel transported to the serene waterfall amidst lush greenery. Its cooling menthol notes relax and renew the senses. The floral heart notes awaken your spirit with their vibrant energy. Finally, the musky base notes ground the fragrance with their sensual charm. This sequence tells an olfactory story that intrigues and delights.

Davidoff Cool Water is perfect for:

All-day wear, from workdays to weekends
Hot summer days when you need a cooling, refreshing scent
Active lifestyles, from the gym to the great outdoors
Water lovers and aquatic fragrance fans
Men of all ages looking for a versatile, clean everyday scent
With its endlessly appealing aquatic aroma, Davidoff Cool Water has carved its place in fragrance history. It continues to win over new generations of men seeking its clean and sensual vibes. Spray on this iconic fragrance to feel the refreshing ocean breeze wherever you go.

Top Notes: Lavender, rosemary, menthe, bergamot

Middle Notes: Jasmine, chevrefeuille, geranium, sandalwood, iris, oakmoss

Base Notes: Musk, ambergris

Fragrance Family: Fresh aquatic

Scent Type: Cooling, refreshing, sensual

Occasion: Daily wear, casual & formal

Seasonality: Spring, summer

Longevity: Moderate

Sillage: Moderate

Escape the daily grind and transport yourself to the cool ocean breeze with each spray of Davidoff Cool Water. Its crisp aquatic notes will awaken your senses and imbue you with refreshed energy.


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