DANA Canoe Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 8 oz – A Sophisticated Aromatic Fougere Scent



Experience the alluring yet rugged allure of the great outdoors with DANA Canoe Eau de Toilette. This refined men’s fragrance brilliantly captures the spirit of adventure and exploration with its robust aromatic fougere scent.

Top Notes of Citrus and Herbs

The top notes burst open with a bright medley of citrus, including zesty lemon and bergamot. Clary sage brings an herbal accent to the blend, lending a natural green freshness. Lavender’s gentle floralcy provides a hint of sophistication.

Heart Notes of Masculine Woods and Spices

As the fragrance blossoms, spicy carnation and warm bourbon geranium mingle with earthy notes of cedar and patchouli. A trace of cloves adds a hint of vibrancy. The woodsy heart provides an inviting masculine depth.

Base Notes of Vanilla, Moss and Musk

The base notes create a sensual harmony of rich vanilla and oakmoss layered over an ambery musk. A touch of tonka bean lends its own creamy sweetness. Heliotrope’s delicate almond-cherry blossom scent completes the blend.

Sophisticated Yet Rugged

This seductive eau de toilette brilliantly balances elegance and ruggedness. It’s ideal for the modern gentleman who values sophistication yet also wants to express his adventurous side. The bold aromatic scent evokes feelings of confidence, vitality and strength.

Crafted With Rare Essences

Launched in 1932, DANA Canoe contains essences that are exceptionally rare and costly today. This treasured men’s fragrance continues to be crafted in the USA with the same timeless blend of rich natural ingredients.

Ideal for Outdoor Pursuits

DANA Canoe’s robust woods and spice scent profile makes it perfectly suited for outdoor adventures. Wear it on hikes through the forest, fishing trips or weekends at the cabin to fully embrace the spirit of exploration.

Also Perfect for Night Out

Don’t be fooled by its rugged edge – this versatile eau de toilette works beautifully for a night on the town too. The ambery vanilla base gives it a refined elegance that transitions effortlessly from day to evening.

Alluring Sillage and Longevity

This cologne is formulated to last. The sillage (scent trail) has ample projection to entice those around you. Meanwhile, the longevity allows the aroma to linger for hours on your skin.

Makes a Memorable Gift

Surprise the rugged gentleman in your life with this classically masculine fragrance. It arrives packaged in an elegant box, perfect for gifting. The timeless scent and sophisticated aura make it a gift he’ll treasure.

How to Apply

Apply DANA Canoe in the same places you’d apply any cologne:

Neck – Apply beneath the jawline and/or back of neck. The warmth helps diffuse the fragrance.

Chest – Mist over your chest for an allure that rises with body heat.

Wrists – Spray onto wrists, then rub wrists together to evenly distribute.

Shoulders – For a bolder scent trail, mist over shoulders or shirt collar.

Avoid rubbing wrists over application points, as this can crush the top notes. Instead, let the fragrance diffuse naturally for best results.

About Dana Fragrances

Dana is a heritage fragrance house founded in France in 1921. They’re renowned for crafting prestige perfumes, colognes, body splashes and other luxury bath & body products. The brand combines classical French perfumery with modern creativity.

Product Details

Top Notes: Lavender, Clary Sage, Lemon
Middle Notes: Carnation, Bourbon Geranium, Cedar, Patchouli, Cloves
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Musk, Heliotrope
Size: 8 fl. oz.
Made in USA
Item may ship in assorted packaging
Treat yourself to the bold, sophisticated allure of DANA Canoe. This aromatic fougere fragrance brings rugged elegance to any occasion.


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