DAGEDA Body Glitter Gel – Stand Out with Sparkling Holographic Sequins



Make an entrance and steal the spotlight wherever you go with DAGEDA Body Glitter Gel. This dazzling cosmetic decorating gel contains an assortment of holographic laser sequins that flash brilliantly as you move. Create show-stopping makeup looks for festivals, parties, performances, and any event where you want to sparkle.

Holographic Sequins Reflect Light for Spellbinding Sparkle

The magic of this body glitter lies in the unique holographic sequins. Each tiny sequin reflects and refracts light as you move, creating a hypnotic laser sequin effect. One moment the sequins appear silver, the next pink, gold, or any color of the rainbow. The sequins look different from every angle for an enchanting, kaleidoscopic sparkle.

Glitter Gel Formula for Easy, Mess-Free Application

Forget loose glitter that falls everywhere and is impossible to clean up. This body glitter comes in a gel base that goes on smoothly and effortlessly. The gel formula adheres securely to skin and hair, so the sequins won’t budge until you take them off. No need for glitter glue or sticky adhesives. Simply scoop up a bit of gel with the included applicator wand or your fingertips and pat onto bare skin. The gel sets quickly and won’t transfer or smear onto clothing.

Sparkling Possibilities for Face and Body

Get creative and use this glitter gel to make bold statements anywhere on your face or body.

Eyes: Swipe across eyelids for dazzling eye makeup. Apply along lower lashlines for a wide-eyed look. Or use just in the inner corners of eyes to make them pop.

Cheeks and Face: Dab on cheekbones as a shimmery highlighter. Paint designs across the forehead for boho festival looks. Apply to the tip of the nose for a fun touch.

Lips: Top lipstick with a coat of sequins for 3D shine. Or wear alone for holographic lip gloss.

Hair: Spike up an edgy up-do by spritzing glitter gel throughout hair. Add fantasy fairy princess charm by dotting through braids.

Body: Paint swirls of sequins on shoulders and décolletage for sexy shimmer. Decorate arms, hands, and fingers as glittery accessories.

Nails: Brush over nail polish for hypnotic nail art. Or use alone for surreal holographic nails.

Versatile Makeup for Any Event or Occasion

This glittery gel makeup has unlimited uses for events and occasions when you want show-stopping style:

Music festivals like Coachella, EDC, Burning Man
Raves, clubs, and parties
Stage performances and dance recitals
Halloween costumes and cosplay
Pride parades and events
Concerts and outdoor summer events
Nightlife and girls’ night out
Holiday parties and New Year’s Eve
Weddings and bridal looks
Theme parties
School events like homecoming, prom, productions
Or for everyday wear just because!
With 6 colors available – white, silver, gold, pink, blue and multi-color – you can match any outfit and mood.

Long Lasting and Easy to Remove

This body glitter gel provides long wear that lasts for hours without fading, flaking or migrating. At the end of the night, simply wash off with soap and water. Stubborn glitter remnants come off easily with facial cleanser or makeup remover.

Dageda Body Glitter Gel delivers mesmerizing sparkle and shimmer for head-turning beauty looks. Let your inner mermaid or unicorn out to play!


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