Cuttte 120PCS Disposable Dual Sides Eye Shadow Sponge Applicators with Container, Perfect Makeup Tools for Flawless Eye Looks



Achieve stunning eye makeup looks with the Cuttte 120PCS Disposable Dual Sides Eye Shadow Sponge Applicators. With 120 applicators in a handy storage container, you’ll never run out of clean tools to apply your favorite eyeshadows and create gorgeous eye makeup artistry.

Dual-Sided Applicators for Flawless Blending

Each sponge applicator features two distinct sides – one flat and one domed shape – giving you the best tool for perfect placement and blending. Use the flat side to pat eyeshadow onto the eyelid for intense color payoff right where you want it. Then use the rounded end to softly blend the edges for a seamless transition between shades. Having both applicator shapes in one makes doing your eye makeup so much faster and easier.

Ideal Density and Shape for Eyeshadow Application

The shape and density of the sponge head is designed specifically for applying powder eyeshadow. The tapered tip allows you to precisely place color exactly where you want it, while the firm yet cushy density picks up and deposits pigment evenly onto your lids. Unlike overly soft sponges that absorb too much product or hard brushes that don’t conform to the contours of the eye, these sponge applicators are shaped and density optimized for flawless eyeshadow application.

Long Handle for Comfort and Control

Each applicator features a long plastic handle that gives you better control while doing your eye makeup. The 6.2 cm handle makes the applicators comfortable to hold and allows you to reach the inner and outer corners of your eyelids with ease. The longer handle also provides stability for more precise application without cramping your hand.

Color-Coded for Convenience

The two sides of the sponge applicator are different colors, making it easy to identify which side you’ve used. This helps keep your light and dark shadow shades from getting mixed up and contaminated. No more accidentally dipping a dirty applicator back into your pristine eyeshadow and ruining it! Just look for the colored side to know if you’ve already used that end or need to flip it over to the clean side.

Handy Reusable Storage Container for Organization

The 120 disposable applicators come packed in a plastic container that keeps them all organized and protected. The clear container allows you to easily see how many applicators are left, so you know when you’re running low. It’s also perfect for storing the applicators after opening, keeping them from rolling around on your vanity or getting lost at the bottom of your makeup bag.

Perfect for Eyeshadow, Face Painting, Crafts and More

While formulated for flawless eye makeup application, these sponge applicators can also be used for face painting, nail art, cosplay makeup, baked goods decoration, arts & crafts, and more! The tapered tip and soft sponge material make them ideal for precision painting and getting into small areas.

With 120 applicators, you’ll have plenty to share with friends for your next makeup or craft session. Simply dispose of the applicators after use since they’re not designed for repeated cleaning and reuse.

Achieve stunning eye makeup effects with the help of the Cuttte Dual Sided Eye Shadow Applicators. Order your set today and enjoy flawless eyeshadow application and seamless blending every time!


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