Curve Wave Women’s Eau de Toilette Spray (3.4 fl oz) – A Fresh and Exotic Tropical Fragrance



Experience the exhilarating scent of the ocean breeze with Curve Wave, a refreshing women’s fragrance from Liz Claiborne. This exotic eau de toilette evokes images of sun-kissed beaches, crashing waves, and island adventures.

Top Notes of Ginger Orchid and Plumeria for a Bright, Uplifting Start

The top notes of Curve Wave feature ginger orchid and plumeria, transporting you to a tropical paradise. The ginger orchid provides a burst of spicy freshness, while the plumeria adds a sweet, floral undertone. Together, they create an energizing and blissful opening.

Heart Notes of Passionfruit and Hibiscus for a Fruity Twist

As the fragrance evolves, it reveals fruity heart notes of ripe passionfruit and bright hibiscus. The tangy passionfruit injects a touch of tartness, while the hibiscus provides a syrupy, floral nuance. This fruit-forward heart keeps the scent lively and vibrant.

Base Notes of Driftwood and Musk for Depth and Sensuality

Finally, the base notes create depth and sensuality. Natural driftwood contributes a subtle smoky character, as if you’re sitting around a beachside bonfire. Creamy musks provide a soft, skin-like foundation. The blend of fresh fruits, tropical florals, and woody base notes makes Curve Wave the perfect summertime scent.

Wear it Day or Night for a Cool, Casual Vibe

Curve Wave works beautifully for day or night. Its bright, watery tones make it ideal for outdoor daytime activities, while its musky base provides sensuality for evening wear. The laidback, beachy vibe gives this fragrance a cool, casual flair. It’s perfect for the free-spirited woman who embodies the carefree essence of summer.

Be Transported with This Island-Inspired Women’s Fragrance

With each spritz of this tropical eau de toilette, you’ll instantly be transported to an exotic island paradise. Feel the warm sun on your skin, hear the soothing sounds of rolling waves, and smell the sweet fruits and flowers blooming all around you. Curve Wave encapsulates the essence of an island getaway in a bottle.

High-Quality and Affordable from a Trusted Brand

Curve fragrances are well known for providing excellent quality at an affordable price point. As part of the Liz Claiborne family of brands, Curve Wave is backed by a company with over 40 years of fragrance expertise. You can trust Curve to deliver long-lasting scents using high-quality ingredients.

Complements the Curve Men’s Cologne for Couples

For perfect his-and-her pairings, try Curve Wave alongside the Curve for Men cologne. The men’s version has complementary notes of citrus, tea leaves, fig water, and cedarwood. Together, these summery scents create effortless coordination.

How to Apply this Eau de Toilette

To get the most out of your Curve Wave eau de toilette, apply to your pulse points. Good spots include the wrists, behind the ears, and on the neck. Apply in the morning to energize your day with bright, fruity notes. Reapply later for a dose of sensuality from the musky base. A few spritzes will last for hours of beachy, tropical vibes.

Customer Reviews

“This fragrance makes me feel happy and calm. It’s fruity and floral but also has a muskiness that isn’t overpowering.”

“I get so many compliments when I wear this! It’s a perfect summer scent – reminds me of vacation and the beach.”

“Curve Wave is my new favorite perfume! It’s exotic, feminine and sexy but also fresh enough for daily wear.”

“I love how this scent isn’t too sweet or too musky – it’s a great balance. And the price is amazing.”

Experience an Island Getaway in a Bottle with Curve Wave

Treat yourself to a much-needed island escape, no plane ticket required! Curve Wave eau de toilette surrounds you in tropical delight with notes of ginger orchid, plumeria, passionfruit and driftwood. Spray it on for an instant vacation vibes in the bright, fruity top notes or sensual dry down. This affordable, uplifting women’s fragrance brings paradise to you.


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