Curve Spark Men’s Cologne – Casual Cool Day or Night Fragrance



Make a bold statement with Curve Spark Cologne for Men. This sophisticated fragrance is designed for all-day confidence, giving you the edge to make the first move anytime, anywhere.

Fresh, Clean and Masculine

Curve Spark Cologne exudes a sexy, intriguing scent that combines warm, floral aromas with notes of bergamot, sea salt, lavender, and cashmere woods. The result is a fresh, aromatic cologne with a bold, masculine character perfect for casual daytime wear or a night out.

Confidence in a Bottle

Spark your self-assurance and stand out from the crowd with Curve’s signature men’s fragrances. Curve colognes give you the confidence to be yourself and approach any situation with charisma and charm.

Highly Versatile

This crowd-pleasing men’s fragrance transitions seamlessly from day to night. The crisp, enticing scent of Curve Spark Cologne keeps you feeling fresh and confident no matter where the day takes you.

Easy to Apply

Curve Spark Cologne comes in a conveniently sized 2.5 oz spray bottle that’s perfect for storing in your gym bag or luggage. Simply spritz onto pulse points when you want a boost of freshness and magnetism.

Make your signature scent a bold one. Curve Spark Cologne intrigues the senses and awakens confidence.


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