Curve Crush by Liz Claiborne – A Captivating Fragrance for the Carefree Woman



Embrace your fun and flirty side with Curve Crush, a new fragrance from Liz Claiborne that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of today’s carefree woman. This perfume opens with tantalizing top notes of chai latte, imparting a rich aroma reminiscent of cozy cafes and casual catch-ups with friends. The heart blooms with velvety white orchids, enveloping you in feminine beauty and elegance. Finally, base notes of hypnotic vanilla leave a sweet, warm and addictive trail. Curve Crush is the ideal scent for the spirited, spontaneous woman who lives fully in the moment.

Top Notes: Chai Latte – Cozy Comfort in a Bottle

The top notes of Curve Crush are built around the mouthwatering aroma of chai latte. This invigorating scent evokes lazy weekends spent with loved ones in your favorite coffee shop. Notes of exotic spices like cinnamon, cardamom and clove mingle with creamy milk and dark roasted coffee beans, instantly sparking feelings of warmth and comfort. The chai latte notes in Curve Crush will make you feel happily cocooned in an aromatic hug.

Heart Notes: White Orchid – Elegant and Timeless Beauty

Nestled in the heart of Curve Crush is the graceful scent of white orchids. Often associated with beauty and refinement, white orchids impart a touch of class and splendor. Their lush, creamy floral scent evokes images of rare exotic blooms in full bloom. Orchids have been admired for centuries as symbols of luxury, making them the perfect complement to the relaxed chai latte top notes. The white orchids in Curve Crush represent beauty, femininity and confidence.

Base Notes: Vanilla – Sweet, Warm, Comforting

Providing a sensual foundation is the base note of rich, appetizing vanilla. Known for its sweet and spicy aroma, vanilla imparts a lasting aura of warmth and pleasure. It’s a scent connected to fond memories of baking cookies with loved ones in childhood. The vanilla base seamlessly incorporates the cardamom and cinnamon spices from the chai latte accord, tying the fragrance together beautifully. Like a cozy sweater, the vanilla lingers close to the skin, keeping you enveloped in blissful comfort.

A Captivating Scent for Day or Night

Versatile enough for day or night wear, Curve Crush by Liz Claiborne is the perfect signature scent for free-spirited femininity. During the day, a spritz of this perfume provides a dose of energy and an inviting warmth. The juicy top notes create a mouthwatering impression that perks you up instantly. At night, the sultry base notes come alive on the skin, making Curve Crush an enticing evening fragrance. The chai latte, orchid and vanilla notes mingling closely to the skin are sensual and romantic.

Flirty, Fun and Full of Life

Curve Crush encapsulates the essence of today’s fun-loving, adventurous woman. It’s perfect for flirty dates, catching up with friends or impromptu adventures. The scent reflects a playful joie de vivre, always seeking out new experiences. For the spontaneous woman who grabs life by the horns, Curve Crush is a scent as vivacious and charming as you are. It celebrates everyday moments and connections that make life meaningful.

Fresh and Feminine

While rich and indulgent, Curve Crush maintains a fresh, feminine aura perfect for daily wear. The fruity chai latte opening notes keep the fragrance from becoming too heavy or cloying. The crisp white floral heart adds a delicate touch of grace, while the vanilla base notes wrap you in a warm, sweet embrace. Curve Crush strikes the ideal balance between energizing and comforting.

High-Quality Notes for All-Day Wear

Curve Crush is crafted with care using high-quality fragrance notes that last all day when spritzed over moisturized skin. The chai latte, orchid and vanilla notes maintain their vibrancy for hours, so you can continue to enjoy their lush aromas. Curve Crush is paraben-free and made in the USA without animal testing, so you can feel good about using this captivating new fragrance.

Available Sizes

Curve Crush is available in a variety of sizes to suit different fragrance needs:

1.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray – perfect for trying out this new scent

1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray – a nice size for carrying in your purse for touchups

3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray – the ideal full size for daily use at home

Gift Sets – come with deluxe minis along with body lotion or shower gel

Fall in Love with Curve Crush

Curve Crush is an addictive fragrance you won’t be able to get enough of. The rich exotic coffee scent topped with delicate florals creates an utterly intoxicating impression. Let the sultry vanilla base notes spark cozy memories while making new ones. Curve Crush is a versatile perfume for the carefree, confident woman who embraces life joyfully in the moment.


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