Curve by Elizabeth Arden for Men Cologne Spray – Fresh, Warm and Captivating Scent for Daily Wear



Experience the allure of Curve, a sensual and stimulating men’s fragrance from Elizabeth Arden. This woody aromatic cologne evokes feelings of confidence and charisma with its energizing blend of fresh greens, spicy pepper and rich mahogany.

Top Notes of Citrus and Herbs for an Invigorating Introduction

The top notes of Curve cologne open with bursts of fresh green accords like violet leaf, green apple and watery melon. These crisp, aquatic notes are balanced by spikes of anise and coriander, lending a subtle herbal edge. The citrus and green aromas create an exhilarating first impression that instantly energizes and uplifts.

Heart Notes of Florals and Spices for Alluring Depth

As the fragrance evolves, the heart of Curve reveals spicy tones of black pepper and nutmeg mingling with gentle lavender and warm geranium. This alluring combination suggests masculinity and sophistication. The peppery spice notes add a thrilling edge, while the smooth florals provide a sensual caress.

Base Notes of Woods and Musk for Lasting Allure

Finally, the base notes create a seductive trail with earthy vetiver and sandalwood, underscored by the musky warmth of amber and moss. The rich mahogany and cedar woods blend beautifully with musky nuances, evoking primal magnetism. This sensuous foundation lingers long after application, emphasizing Curve’s addictive nature.

Modern Flacon Design

The contemporary flacon design complements the fragrance’s mix of classic and current elements. The bold curved lines and cobalt blue hue of the bottle mirror the stimulating nature of the scent within. Elegant silver accents on the cap add a polished, upscale look.

When to Wear

Curve has a bright, casual vibe that makes it perfect for daytime wear. The juicy citrus opening and aquatic green notes create an easygoing yet stimulating scent ideal for the office or classroom. The spicy heart and woody base provide sensual depth, allowing it to transition seamlessly to evening. Curve works well in warmer weather but maintains its vibrancy in colder temperatures.

Versatile Fragrance for the Modern Man

Curve cologne’s blend of fresh aromatics, stimulating spices and seductive woods makes it incredibly versatile. The contemporary composition has wide appeal across all age groups. Curve is ideal for the active, outgoing man with an energetic and adventurous spirit. Both alluring and approachable, this fragrance allures others with its confident charisma.

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is an iconic American beauty brand founded in 1910. Still family-owned today, the company continues to pioneer skincare, makeup and fragrance innovations. Elizabeth Arden fragrances like Curve showcase the brand’s dedication to creating beautiful scents that evoke luxury, glamour and sophistication.

Curve Cologne Spray

Top notes of green apple, watery melon, violet leaf, coriander and anise
Heart notes of black pepper, lavender, nutmeg and geranium
Base notes of vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber and musk
6.8 fl. oz. cobalt blue glass flacon with silver cap
Fresh, warm and alluring aromatic fougère fragrance
Ideal for daytime wear
Launched in 1996
Bring alluring confidence to your daily routine with Curve, a sensual men’s fragrance from Elizabeth Arden.


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