CUPID CARE 6 Pcs Triangle Powder Puff with 2 Travel Cases, Setting Powder Puffs for Face Powder and Foundation, Velour Makeup Puff for Loose Powder Body Powder, Skin-Friendly, Beauty Makeup Tools



Flawless, smooth makeup application starts with the right beauty tools. Introducing the Cupid Care Makeup Powder Puff Set – the secret weapon of makeup enthusiasts and artists alike for achieving picture-perfect makeup. This 6-piece set of triangular velour powder puffs takes your makeup routine to the next level with precise application and versatile use.

Precisely Designed for Flawless Coverage

The unique triangular shape and rounded tip of these velour powder puffs allow you to easily reach and cover every contour of your face. Effortlessly set makeup around the eyes, nose, and mouth with the angled edges. Then, use the rounded tip to perfectly blend powder and foundation over larger areas like the cheeks, forehead, and chin. The ribbon attached to each puff keeps it securely on your fingers, preventing slips while applying makeup.

No more messy application or uneven coverage! The smart shape and design of these powder puffs let you achieve smooth, flawless makeup like a pro.

Luxuriously Soft and Skin-Friendly

These powder puffs are made of premium quality velour that feels luxuriously soft on skin. The ultra-plush velour material is lint-resistant and gently glides over your face, preventing irritation. It applies powder and foundation evenly without absorbing too much product or leaving streaks.

The soft velour puffs are suitable even for sensitive skin. They do not contain any latex or other harsh chemicals. The high-quality cotton filling and skin-friendly velour allow your skin to breathe while applying makeup.

Versatile Use – Wet or Dry Application

The Cupid Care Powder Puff Set offers versatile use for all your makeup needs. Use them dry to perfectly set makeup with loose finishing powder. The velour material picks up just the right amount of powder for a natural, flawless finish. No more cakey powder buildup!

You can also use the powder puffs wet with foundations and BB/CC creams. Simply pat your liquid makeup onto the puff and watch it turn into a silky, lightweight layer on your skin. The velour material blends liquid makeup seamlessly without absorbing excess product.

Whether you use it wet or dry, these powder puffs make makeup application quick and easy. Cut down the time you spend blending and buffing your makeup.

Package Includes

  • 6 triangular powder puffs
  • 2 plastic travel cases

Key Features

  • Set of 6 interchangeable velour powder puffs for easy rotation
  • Comes with 2 plastic travel cases for storage and portability
  • Triangular shape with rounded tip allows flawless application on every contour
  • Made of premium quality velour that feels luxuriously soft
  • Lint-resistant, non-irritating velour suitable for all skin types
  • Applies powder and foundation smoothly without streaks
  • Velour material does not absorb excess product
  • Use dry for loose powder or wet for liquid foundation
  • Ribbon on each puff prevents slipping while applying makeup
  • Easy to clean puffs – simply soak and wash after each use

Experience Flawless Makeup Like Never Before

It’s time to upgrade your makeup tools for a flawless makeup look. Ditch your old brushes and sponges, and switch to these premium velour powder puffs. With the Cupid Care Powder Puff Set, you can achieve smooth, professional makeup results at home with ease.

Experience the magic of perfect powder and foundation application. These powder puffs allow you to set and blend liquid or powder makeup seamlessly onto your skin. Their versatile triangular design lets you easily reach every corner and contour of your face. Plus, the ultra-soft velour material is gentle on skin while giving full coverage.

With this complete 6-piece set, you get powder puffs for daily use as well as travel. Keep your makeup flawless on the go with the included plastic storage cases.

Make the Cupid Care Powder Puff Set your new secret beauty weapon. Enjoy quicker, easier makeup application and get salon-perfect results every day!


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