Cuba Variety Cologne Gift Set – 4x 1.17oz EDT Sprays



Experience the vibrant energy of Cuba with this variety gift set featuring four of Cuba’s most popular men’s fragrances. This set includes 1.17oz EDT sprays of Cuba Gold, Cuba Blue, Cuba Red, and Cuba Orange, offering him a diverse range of irresistible scents to suit any mood or occasion.

An Iconic Fragrance Collection from the Streets of Cuba

Inspired by the passion and vibrancy of Cuban culture, Cuba fragrances capture the exotic rhythms of the island. Fresh, bold and intoxicating, these scents are perfect for the modern man who wants to unleash his wild side.

Whether you’re looking for a sexy scent for date night or something energizing to get you pumped up for the club, this variety pack has you covered. The mix of woody, aquatic, spicy and citrusy notes in this set will keep you smelling fresh around the clock.

Cuba Gold – A Sensual Warm Scent for Romance

Cuba Gold opens with a burst of crisp lemon and mint, awakening the senses. Hints of apple provide a refreshing fruity twist before warming into richer notes of amber, vanilla and musk. Seductive yet soothing, this golden fragrance evokes intimate evenings filled with passion.

The bold woody base gives this scent staying power for all-day wear. Just a couple sprays of Cuba Gold to your neck and wrists infuses you with irresistible sex appeal from morning ’til night. It’s no wonder this is a bestseller among Cuba’s seductive men’s cologne collection.

Cuba Blue – An Aquatic Aroma for Endless Summer

Escape to the tropical shores with Cuba Blue, a refreshing splash of sun-drenched paradise. Crisp notes of bergamot, Mediterranean fig and watery melon mingle with wet greens to capture the essence of an ocean breeze. Hints of musk and moss lend an earthy texture, like warm sand underfoot.

The aquatic aroma of Cuba Blue transports you to crystalline waters and cloudless skies. Its laidback energy conjures up images of weekends spent lounging beachside and carefree nights dancing under the stars at an oceanfront bonfire party. This scent was made for the eternally tanned, salty-haired man who lives for endless summer.

Cuba Red – A Spicy Scent for Confidence

Turn up the heat and unleash your confidence with the fiery energy of Cuba Red. This daring fragrance opens with a burst of crisp greens and tart citrus before unfolding into spicier notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

The peppery aroma conjures up images of salsa dancing, rum cocktails and late nights in Old Havana. While warm and sweet like a Cuban cigar, the blend of spices and woods gives this cologne an invigorating edge. For the bold, passionate man who isn’t afraid to put himself out there, Cuba Red is the perfect signature.

Cuba Orange – A Citrus Blast for Non-Stop Energy

Get your day started on the right foot with Cuba Orange, a mood-boosting fragrance that will infuse you with positive vibes. Sunny notes of tangerine, grapefruit and lemon give this cologne an instant energizing effect for boundless optimism.

The crisp citrus is underlined by fresh florals like lavender and jasmine, with hints of the great outdoors from cedarwood and musk. Uplifting and clean, Cuba Orange is ideal for active guys on the move who don’t have time to slow down. Just a few sprays will keep you revitalized from your early morning workout straight through to happy hour drinks with friends.

Find Your Signature in this Cuba Cologne Variety Pack

With four of Cuba’s most popular scents, this gift set has him covered for any occasion. The blends of exotic fruits, aquatic notes, warm spices, and brisk citrus provide a diverse range of irresistible aromas suitable for casual everyday wear or more sensual evening situations.

Whether he’s looking to enhance his sex appeal for date night, energize his mood for the gym, or simply smell fresh all day long, there’s a Cuba cologne here that will become his new signature. Treat the passionate, fun-loving man in your life to this vibrant Cuban-inspired variety pack – it’s the perfect introduction to the Cuba fragrance collection.


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