Cuba Gold By Cuba Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, Sophisticated Scent with Notes of Tobacco, Rum and Vanilla



Capture the alluring spirit of Cuba with the Cuba Gold Eau De Toilette Spray for Men. This sophisticated fragrance combines fresh, sensual notes to create a scent that is perfect for day or night.

Top Notes of Citrus and Marine Accord

The top notes offer a burst of crisp citrus with bergamot, lemon, neroli and petitgrain. These invigorating notes are paired with a refreshing marine accord to evoke the feeling of a cool ocean breeze. The citrus and marine notes create an uplifting opening for this complex scent.

Mid Notes of Rum, Tobacco and Nutmeg

As the fragrance evolves, spicy mid notes start to emerge. The scent of rum and tobacco leaf add warmth and richness, while nutmeg and cloves provide a subtle kick of spice. These notes are smooth yet sensual, calling to mind the relaxed atmosphere of Cuba.

Base Notes of Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Amber

Finally, the base notes create a luxurious foundation for the fragrance. Tonka bean, vanilla and amber mingle together to add a touch of sweetness. The hint of vanilla combined with the woodsy amber makes for an utterly addictive dry down.

Sophisticated Scent Perfect for Day or Night

Cuba Gold Eau De Toilette is a well-balanced fragrance that transitions seamlessly from day to night. Thecitrus and marine notes make it perfect for daytime wear, evoking a refined yet casual elegance. As the tobacco, rum and spices start to unfold, the scent becomes more mysterious and sensual – ideal for evenings out.

This addictive fragrance contains a bold combination of fresh and spicy notes. The result is a sophisticated scent that conjures up images of vintage cars, Cuban cigars and mojitos at sunset. Cuba Gold is versatile enough for any occasion, yet unique enough to stand out from generic men’s fragrances.

High Quality Eau De Toilette Lasts for Hours

Cuba Gold is made with quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship. The eau de toilette concentration provides excellent longevity – just a couple sprays will last for hours on your skin. The scent is potent enough for those around you to enjoy, yet never overpowering.

The sleek, minimalist bottle also perfectly captures the refined sophistication of this fragrance. Cuba Gold looks just as great on your shelf as it smells on your skin.

Perfect for the Sophisticated, Modern Man

Cuba Gold Eau De Toilette was made for the stylish, modern man who appreciates quality and sophistication. The blend of citrus, tobacco, spices and woods creates an alluring scent that intrigues those around you.

This versatile fragrance transitions seamlessly from the office to evening cocktails and everywhere in between. If you love unique scents with depth and complexity, Cuba Gold is the perfect addition to your collection.

With its exciting blend of fresh and spicy notes, Cuba Gold Eau De Toilette Spray for Men encapsulates the spirit of Cuba in a bottle. Get your hands on this sophisticated scent today!


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