CRISTIANO RONALDO Game On EDT Spray for Men, Woody Aromatic Scent with Notes of Bergamot and Lavender



Experience the bold, winning spirit of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo with the CRISTIANO RONALDO Game On EDT Spray for Men. This dynamic woody aromatic fragrance encapsulates Ronaldo’s drive and ambition with a blend of fresh, spicy and woodsy notes.

Top Notes of Bergamot and Green Apple for a Crisp, Uplifting Opening

The top notes feature invigorating bergamot and tart green apple for a bright, refreshing first impression. Bergamot adds a lively citrus zest, while green apple provides a nice fruity kick. Together they create an energizing opening that’s both crisp and sweet.

Heart Notes of Lavender, Cinnamon and Violet for a Floral, Spicy Twist

As the scent transitions to the heart, spicy cinnamon joins floral lavender and sweet violet to provide an unexpected, complex combination. The lavender adds a familiar floral bouquet, while the cinnamon provides warmth and vibrancy. Earthy violet helps smooth out the spices for a well-rounded floral-oriental accord.

Base Notes of Cedar, Ambergris and Vetiver for a Sensual, Masculine Depth

Finally, the base notes create sensual depth with woody cedar, musky ambergris and smoked vetiver. The cedar provides a familiar woodsy character, while the ambergris lends a touch of animalic allure. Smoky vetiver adds dimensionality with its rich, earthy roots. Together they form an inviting dry down with masculine depth and mystery.

Confident, Alluring Scent Inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s Winning Spirit

Overall, CRISTIANO RONALDO Game On EDT encapsulates the soccer star’s bold, ambitious nature in a bottle. It starts out fresh and energetic, then becomes more complex with spicy cinnamon and floral lavender. Finally, woody cedar, animalic ambergris and smoked vetiver create sensual warmth. This scent inspires the wearer to put their game face on and pursue success with passion and confidence.

Versatile Fragrance for Day or Nightwear

This versatile aromatic fragrance transitions seamlessly from day to nightwear. Its medium sillage means it projects just enough, without being overpowering. The scent lasts around 6-8 hours on most skin types. Spray it on pulse points like the wrists, neck and chest for best results. Crisp enough for the office or daytime activities, but also sensual enough for a night out or date.

Premium Packaging Showcases Ronaldo’s Number 7 Jersey

The packaging features Ronaldo’s famed number 7 jersey against a futuristic digital backdrop. The sleek, black bottle has metallic silver accents and a black cap. It comes in a 1 oz travel spray, perfect for carrying in your gym bag or suitcase. The presentation box has a cool holographic sleeve that showcases Ronaldo’s name.

An Empowering Fragrance from Soccer Legend Cristiano Ronaldo

Inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s championship mindset, CRISTIANO RONALDO Game On EDT empowers you to go after your goals with passion and perseverance. The juxtaposition of fresh fruits, warm spices and earthy woods captures Ronaldo’s complexity on and off the field. Spray on this dynamic scent before a big game, date or presentation to boost your confidence and energy.


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